GLOW: Justine Really Did A Number On Sam With Her Big News

Sam had no clue Justine was his illegitimate daughter. That was one of the biggest bombshells Glow would drop on us in Season One. How will this revelation affect the show?

Nobody seemed to understand Sam’s artistic vision aside from Justine. She defended him at all costs. Some thought it was kind of strange, while others were convinced it was the same schoolgirl crush that Sam was convinced she had.

Justine is arguably Sam’s biggest fan and knows more about his work than he does. She seemed to be very invested in his projects. This was before we knew the truth.

After an awkward attempt by a drunk Sam to kiss Justine at the fundraiser, the truth came out. This sent Sam into a downward spiral. He was MIA for days. This left the girls in charge of setting up the pilot episode.


It wasn’t until the beginning of the GLOW pilot that Sam showed up. After a few days of confusion, regret, and hangovers, he finally confronted Justine. So, the two seem to be on the same page now. Moreover, Sam accepts that he has a daughter. Furthermore, Justine knows that her dad isn’t the most well-rounded individual.

At first, I thought Justine was some crazy stalker. Hence, that’s what the producers of Glow wanted you to believe. Thus, there was no way to predict this curveball. It’s storylines like this which help give the characters more depth. The fact that Sam’s a father will bring out a new side of him.

We might see Sam stop drinking, focus more on his work, and take a lot of time to get to know Justine. This could have been a wakeup call for him. It’s going to be very intriguing on Season 2 of Glow. Will Sam be a changed man? Or will Justine have no effect on him?


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