Universal Studios: Secret Life Of Pets Might Be Coming To Orlando And Hollywood

It’s no secret Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando want to use the IP’s at their parks. One such film that could be coming to a park near you is Secret Life Of Pets. It’s expected that either Hollywood or Orlando will be getting an attraction based on the film. If they do, what’s it going to be?

The obvious thought for Orlando is re-theming the Animal Actors show. You could easily add a few animatronics from Secret Life of Pets. Combine that with real animals, and there’s something brand spanking new. Of course, who knows whether Universal Orlando has bigger plans for Secret Life of Pets.

There’s Shrek 4D. This may or may not be a place for a trackless dark ride based on the film. It’s quite apparent that Shrek is on the chopping block. We’ve heard a lot of rumors for what’s to come next at the spot of the 4D show. Secret Life of Pets has been a very hot rumor for quite some time.


The same can be said for Universal Studios Hollywood. A Secret Life of Pets attraction has been in the works for a while. While not much has come out from the park, it’s a safe bet something is coming. Again, it could be a trackless dark ride.

Something as advanced as a trackless dark ride would be quite the break from Universal. Also, the parks have overdone the screens along with the 3D/4D. Placing something as new as a trackless ride would mean heavy themeing, and hopefully minimal screens. With the Secret Life of Pets world, it should have all the characters you loved from the film.

Ideally, the themeing would that of a city street. You’re following Max and Duke on an adventure of some sort. Thus, the trackless system glides you across the room. Additionally, it takes you throughout a city on the entirety of the ride. So, the themeing alone would be worth the trip to experience this attraction. If Universal gets it right, this could be the best trackless dark ride in the world, even beating out Symbolica at Efteling.

Of course, both Hollywood and Orlando have said nothing about a Secret Life of Pets dark ride, or any attraction relating to the movie. It’s just a matter of time, though. We’ll see something pop up in the next year or two.


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