East-West Shrine Game: Four Players That Will Be NFL Stars

The 93rd Annual East-West Shrine Game was a star-studded event. It had many NCAA Football players showing off to NFL Scouts, who were looking to get more information on players before the combine. With so many players getting ready for the draft, they were looking to showcase all of their attributes. Not only to fans but the scouts as well before the combine to improve their draft stock. However, while I was watching and observing the game and players, I decided to list four players that will be NFL stars. I chose two from The East Team along with two from The West Team. While it may not be right away, whatever team drafts the following players, will be inheriting a very skillful individual.

East Team

Chris Worley LB, Ohio State University
Worley made some big-time tackles, with a couple for a loss, and some big-time pass breakups as well. Worley will need to work on his vision and his recklessness on some plays. Nevertheless, he could be groomed into a great player in the NFL.

Daurice Fountain WR, Northern Iowa University
Fountain made big-time plays in the middle of the field. The East Team scored on multiple drives from his attribution on the plays. Fountain may not start right away in the NFL. Yet, he is definitely a great sleeper slot receiver in the later rounds.


West Team

Nick Stevens QB, Colorado State University
With the draft somewhat lacking big time quarterbacks, Stevens could be a late round pick that could change a teams culture. Just remember, Tom Brady once played in this game, and look at where he is now!

Justin Lawler DE, SMU
Lawler is just an unstoppable force on defense. He got a sack late in the game to help the West Team still have a chance in the game. Lawler just needs to work on his speed and his hands, and he could be a vital piece to an NFL Team in the future.

While there were many other players that could have been mentioned or used instead of the ones listed above, these players showcased their skills in an exceptional way at The East-West Shrine Game. With that being said, which players stood out to you, and who do you think will be a star-studded pick in the NFL?

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