Avengers: Infinity War – Breakdown of Which Characters Are Locks to Live

With each passing day, Avengers: Infinity War draws closer and closer. May 4th cannot get here soon enough, as fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe eagerly await the third installment in the Avengers franchise. The film is set to be one of the biggest films in cinematic history. Marvel has built the arrival of Thanos ever since the first Avengers film back in 2012, and he is finally set to arrive.

With him will come death. Lots and lots of death.

Kevin Feige is promising a destructive force, who will be making his presence felt within the film’s first five minutes. So it comes as no surprise that everyone is asking, who is going to die in the film. No surprise there, as virtually every character, is a candidate to see this as their last appearance in the MCU.

So let’s flip the script and look at it from the other point of view, shall we? Instead of asking who is going to die, let’s look at the characters who are locks to make it to the end of not only Avengers: Infinity War, but also the film’s untitled sequel. We will follow that up with a quick overview of why every other key character is at risk.

So here are our lucky few.

Locks to Live Post-Avengers 3 and 4:

Spider-Man: For starter, Peter Parker is the youngest member of the team. Tom Holland, who is only 21, could theoretically keep doing these movies for another 30 years (Robert Downey Jr. is 53). But just because he is young does not make him a total lock. Instead, it’s the fact that he is the future face of the MCU and already has a sequel in the works, set to come out July 5th, 2019.

Black Panther and Doctor Strange: Peter Parker will not be alone when it comes to representing the future of the MCU. Two other characters that are poised to be big players in the years to come are Doctor Stephen Strange and King T’Challa. Better known as Doctor Strange and the Black Panther.

Doctor Strange has only seen one solo film to date, and there was plenty left open at the end of the film to suggest a sequel. In particular, Baron Mordo is out there looking like a likely foe. He is a longshot to show up in either of the next two Avengers films, so you can safely guess we will get a Doctor Strange two.

As for Black Panther, he has shown up in Captain America: Civil War and set to star in his own solo film this February. His homeland of Wakanda is likely going to be a hotspot of the MCU moving forward, so we will certainly need the nation’s king in the coming years! He is also likely to get a sequel down the road. Think of Doctor Strange and Black Panther as the Iron Man and Captain America of the future MCU.

Captain Marvel: We have yet to even see Brie Larson take on the role of Carol Danvers. She is not expected to debut in Avengers: Infinity War either. We will see her in the fourth Avengers film as well as her own solo film between the two Avengers flicks. Would they really debut and kill off a character, played by an actress as good as Larson, within a matter of two months? The answer, no way.

That’s it though folks. If your favorite character is not on this short list, buckle up, because we are about to lose a lot of characters. Below is a quick breakdown of why everyone else is at risk.

Everyone Else:

Iron Man: For starters, Iron Man is the heart and soul of the MCU. His 2008 film kicked off this massive cinematic universe. He has been a part of a ton of major storylines. Killing him off would be a real emotional moment. Perhaps one that helps unite the rest of the team to finally take down Thanos? Very possible. Let’s also factor in the fact that Robert Downey Jr. gets paid a boatload of money for each film he is in as Tony Stark. Killing off Stark would not only be one of the biggest emotional punches but also help Marvel clear Downey Jr. from the payroll.

Captain America: Steve Rogers is the co-captain of the MCU so to speak. There is a reason those two characters were the leaders of their respective teams in Civil War. His death was a rumor back then, and it is once again seen as a strong possibility. Chris Evans’ contract is up, and he has cast doubt on reprising the role in the past. Also, consider there are other characters who could step in to take the mantle of Captain America (Falcon and Winter Soldier). So as sad as it would be to see Steve Rogers go, it is a strong possibility.

ThorRounding out the trio of characters that have had their own trilogies, Thor has been a core member since the start. But as a result, Chris Hemsworth’s contract is also up. He has hinted that he would be open to returning, which might suggest he lives. Given he is a God, it would not be a surprise. Especially given this is by far Hemsworth’s most successful role. While he is far more likely to live compared to Tony and Cap, he is not out of the woods completely.

Hulk: There is something about Thor: Ragnarok beginning a big three-film arc for Hulk that has this writer worried. Hulk has never really been the “star”, but merely the muscle. With Marvel giving him some extra spotlight in the coming two films, it might be for a grand exit. Bruce Banner has always struggled with the Hulk persona, but he might lose another battle in the next two years. There does not appear to be any Hulk solo movies coming anytime soon. So that is something that is always going to put the character at risk.

Hawkeye: Let’s face it, we’ve been calling for Hawkeye to die for years now. He’s a human who shoots arrows. He’s gotta die eventually, right?

Black Widow: Like Clint Barton, Black Widow is simply a human. Since she’s been here from the start, they could certainly take her out. Having appeared in five MCU films to date. Now, she does have a solo film coming in 2020 it sounds like. That certainly bodes well for the character’s future. However, that could be set in the past, to help shine the light on her origin. Therefore, it’s no lock she leaves these films standing just because of that 2020 film.

Scarlet WitchVision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, War Machine: All five of these characters are currently seen as side players. None of them is a core character that has had their own film (Winter Soldier could be considered an exception to that). And as of right now, none of them are set for any future films. So while Sam Wilson or Bucky Barnes could take on the mantle of Captain America, one of the two could bite the bullet. Not all five will go down, but they certainly could sacrifice two or three of them. Oh, and Vision kind of has an Infinity Stone in his forehead. Not good considering Thanos is looking for those.

Ant-Man and Wasp: These two are getting their own film in between the two Avengers films, likely set before the events of Infinity War. Will Ant-Man get a third film? We would like to hope so. But as of right now, there is no firm announcement of that. Both characters are likely safe, as they are still on the newer side. But just remember, Quicksilver died in his first film. So seeing either of these two go down would not be the most shocking thing to happen.

Guardians of the Galaxy: This is a hard one. Obviously, the majority of the team is going to live, as they have the third film of their franchise coming up post-Avengers four. However, it would feel wrong not to see a single member of the team lost. Given all the destruction we know is coming. Star-Lord is likely the safest. Especially since the audience views him as the face of the team. He will be needed for Guardians three. Drax and Nebula are the likeliest to go, given the revenge factor with Thanos. Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Mantis are all 50/50 bets to live.

Loki: Kind of like Hawkeye, it feels like Loki is a candidate to die in any film he appears in. He finally started to shift to the good guy’s side in Ragnarok, but who knows if that will stick (we’ve been there before). It just feels like he needs to sacrifice himself for his brother to go out a hero. The time is now.

So there you have it, folks. Get ready for an epic film when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, 2018.

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