F Is For Family: Vic Will Get Back On His Feet

Vic is one of the most lively characters on F is For Family. Unfortunately, Season 2 wasn’t to kind to him. He lost his job and lost Cutie Pie. Is this the start of a downward spiral for Vic?

There isn’t much to hate about Vic. He’s that cool and hip neighbor most kids wish was their dad. He had the perfect woman, the perfect job, and a lot of drugs. Vic was living the good life. Without a care in the world, he just went with the flow.

On the final two episodes of Season 2, he not only found out that Cutie Pie cheated on him with the underage Kevin (Although he would later admit she had done this many other times before with others), but he lost his job to excessive drug use. That seemed to be the final straw for him. Vic snapped and couldn’t contain his anger.

After the dust had settled, Vic had a heart to heart with Kevin. We found that he’s just as vulnerable as anyone else. That carefree attitude and demeanor were stripped away because of the recent events. It was something we had never seen from him before. And it was quite surprising, to say the least.

Will The Real Vic Return In Season 3 Of F Is For Family

During the two seasons of F is For Family it appeared as if Vic was invincible. This turned out to not be the case. He has feelings and emotions just like everyone else. It’s unclear how Season 3 will portray Vic. He lost his job. As a result, the nice house, cars, and women will be gone. He’ll probably resort more heavily to drugs. And who knows what will happen to him if that’s the case.

Only Kevin has seen this vulnerable side of Vic. It wouldn’t be surprising if the two became a lot closer because of it. This could result in Kevin becoming more attached to Vic. The friendship could cause a rift between him and his father. In addition, it could mean Kevin goes down the same path as Vic and starts to do drugs. That’s a worst case scenario though.

Who knows what’s going to happen in Season 3 of F is For Family. Vic needs to figure himself out. The show won’t be the same if he’s depressed. Perhaps Kevin will get him back on his feet. Maybe he finds someone as good as Cutie Pie. In the end, he’ll probably get back on his feet. It’s just a matter of when that’s going to happen.

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