Tom Brady: A Legacy in the Making

Let’s stop pretending like Tom Brady isn’t playing on Sunday. Yes he has a hand injury and yes it may affect him throughout the game but he’s playing. He’s arguably facing one of the toughest games of his historic career and there’s no way he doesn’t play. Not only have the Jacksonville Jaguars proven they can hang with the big boys this season, but one more Super Bowl and no one can argue Brady’s status as the greatest ever.


You can put cheating aside, six championships is six championships. You can call him a system quarterback. You could even credit their success to Bill Belichick being a hell of a coach. You might even say certain teams have choked away victories against them,

But six championships are still six championships so Tom Brady is playing Sunday.

There are plenty of stats out there that can prove better success on the field. The Patriots have even won with their backup quarterbacks who later went on to cash in huge contracts elsewhere. Even with their success with the Patriots not many have succeeded beyond their time with the organization. No quarterback has been more deadly in the fourth quarter than Tom Brady has been in clutch situations. The three remaining teams in the playoffs this season are loaded with talent and none have ever won a Super Bowl. They all know the road goes through New England this year and will have to push on every down.

Tom Brady will have the opportunity to shut down those hopes and dreams as well as further his legacy. He’s not playing for his first championship and the way the Patriots are playing with him under center he might not be playing for his last. The Pats have proven they can win without Tom Brady and his legacy might not be on the line but should he play and they go on to win no one can argue his status as the G.O.A.T. He’s already won 1 more championship than any other quarterback in history. Six championships is unheard of and may not happen again for some time. Injured hand or not, Tom Brady is playing on Sunday.[RickTwitter]

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