Minnesota Vikings: Three Keys to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Minnesota Vikings are returning to the NFC Championship Game for the first time since 2009. That game they lost to the New Orleans Saints. This week they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Philadelphia Eagles for the right to play in Super Bowl LII. If the Vikings win the will be the first team to play a Super Bowl in the home stadium. So what will it take for Minnesota to come out on top? Here are the three keys to a Vikings victory.

  1. Play with a lead

The defense of the Eagles is one of best in the NFL. If they have a lead they are sure to be able to change the way an offense attacks. Thus it is important that the Minnesota Vikings get a lead early. If they are able to do this, they can control the game. It would also allow their defense to be the ones that can be o the attack.

  1. Case Keenum

It is imperative for the Minnesota Vikings to put Case Keenum in positive situations. Doing so not only helps him but the team as well. Additionally, the more the Vikings are ahead of the chains in this game, the easier it is going to be. This will be up to Keenum and OC Pat Shurmur.  If Shurmur calls a good game and keeps Keenum playing ahead, the Vikings should be headed home for the big game.

  1. Beat up Nick Foles

Foles may be surprisingly mobile. However, he is also a sitting duck in the pocket. His mobility is better served for designed run plays and not for scrambling. The Minnesota Vikings have a better pass rush than the Atlanta Falcons. Hence, I believe that they can use this to their advantage against the Eagles. Furthermore, Vaitai Halapoulivaati protects the blind side of Foles. He is indeed the weaker of the two tackles and should be taken advantage of by the Vikings defensive line. In fact, the more hits, the merrier Vikings fans will be.

The Minnesota Vikings are looking to make NFL History. A win on Sunday will do a lot for a franchise that has been up and down for 12 years. If the Vikings are able to pull it off in the City of Brotherly Love, they could just well be on their way.

How do you feel the Minnesota Vikings will do? Leave a comment below.

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