WWE: Why Hasn’t Braun Strowman Been Universal Champion?

Can we just give Braun Strowman the WWE Universal Championship? He’s the most over guy on the RAW roster, that’s no joke. The Monster among Men needs to be given the opportunity to shine as Champ. It’s just time he gets his due.

Some might argue that Strowman should have already won the Universal Title. That’s on WWE, as they feel a part-time Brock Lesnar is the key to ratings. That might be true, but Strowman can more than hold his own. He’s probably the only guy outside of A.J. Styles that the WWE has built up the right way.

It’s not like Strowman is boring in the ring. He’s a great wrestler, probably more so than Brock Lesnar. We’ve seen the type of matches he’s capable of. That Big Show encounter to close out RAW a year and a half ago showed off his amazing agility and power. There are countless other instances of his ability in the ring as well.

The company needs to highlight the dedication of Strowman. He’s spent countless hours studying the big man craft under guys such as Kane and Big Show. In addition, Strowman looks a lot more toned and muscled up than he did with the Wyatt Family. He’s put in the work over the last three years to be the best wrestler in the company.


Strowman has played the ultimate heel during his tenure on the main roster. In fact, he’s the physical and dominant force that will take on any and all comers. Fans see this in him and have grown to cheer for the Monster Among Men. It’s almost the complete opposite of what the WWE wants.(Of course, when your biggest feud is with Roman Reigns, you’re probably going to be over with a lot of the crowd.)

Vince McMahon and the rest of the creative team have failed to see the money-making ability Strowman has. Instead, the Universal Title is on Lesnar, who while a big draw, isn’t with the company for most of the year. Thus, it’s in the best of interest of WWE to put the title on someone who deserves it.

Braun Strowman has worked his way to the top. He’s the rightful Universal Champ, just not sure why nobody else sees that. Let’s just give it time. Hopefully, someone in WWE comes to their senses and gives Braun Strowman what he deserves. Going into the 2019 Royal Rumble, Strowman should be, or at least should have been, Champion of either RAW or Smackdown Live. Consequently, that’s just best for business.


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