New England Patriots: Three Keys to Success against the Jacksonville Jaguars

The New England Patriots are playing in their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game. Many believe that it is a given that they will, once again, play in another Super Bowl. Not so fast. They may be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the name does not equal the team. Do not judge a book by its cover. The Patriots are going to have to be on their game to make the trip to Minnesota. So what are the keys to a Patriots victory Sunday? Here are three of them.

  1. Defense

That New England Patriots did not have their best year defensively. In fact, they finished 29th in the league overall, 30th against the pass, and 19th against the run. These averages are well below your typical Matt Patricia led defense. However, they were still successful. The Jaguars are going to look to be a ball control, 12-15 play drive team on Sunday. Thus, the Patriots will need every bit of this defense to keep Jaguars at bay.

  1. Turnovers

This is the only way that this game becomes a runaway. If the New England Patriots are able to force a short field, they score fast and easy. Though the Patriots offense is able to go the distance, I believe that it will be much tougher against the best defense in the league. The Jaguars are the best defense that the Patriots will have faced all season. Therefore, multiple short fields will do the Patriots good.

  1. Make Blake Bortles Beat You

There is one big key to Jags offense. His name is Leonard Fournette. He needs to be the focus of the New England Patriots defense. Therefore making Blake Bortles beat you. Additionally, if this game falls into the hands of Bortles, that is where key number two will come into play. I think the fear of Jaguars fans is having to have this game in the hands of their QB.

The New England Patriots do not have this game in the bag. Contrary to popular belief. Nonetheless, I look for the Jaguars to make this a game. Also, if the Patriots are unable to get a big lead, they may just be looking at a loss.

So, how do you think the New England Patriots will play Sunday? Leave your comments below.

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