New England Patriots: Could this be the beginning to the end of the reign?

The New England Patriots have been one of the best, if not the best, football organization for quite some time. They are playing in their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game. Since Bill Belichick has become their head coach, the team has done unprecedented things. They have made the playoffs for 15 consecutive seasons. In addition, they won the AFC East the past nine seasons. Furthermore, they have played in seven Super Bowls, winning five of them. However, all good things must end. Yes, even the Patriots run. Could we be seeing the end?

Aside from the earlier rumors that there was a rift between the big three of the team, other factors can weigh in on this question. The first is the coaching staff. The top two assistants of the New England Patriots DC Matt Patricia and OC Josh McDaniels are leaving after the season. They are both highly touted in the head coaching community. The rumor is Patricia will land with the Detroit Lions while McDaniels is going to the Indianapolis Colts.

However, not only will these two coaches possibly be leaving. Who is not to say that they do not take some other assistants with them? These underlying assistants could also tag along with Patricia and McDaniels by getting higher positions. Maybe they become the coordinators for the new HCs. This not out of the realm of possibilities. Thus breaking up one of the best staffs in the NFL.

The second of factors breaking up the dynasty is player stability. The New England Patriots, as we stated above, have one of the best coaching staffs in the league. Nonetheless, if they break up, will the younger players on the team see the same type of coaching in the future?

There are older veterans on the team that may turn in their cleats after this season. Long-time QB Tom Brady, while maybe not this year, will soon be turning in his cleats. Will this team be the same without him under center?

Lastly, Head Coach Bill Belichick may decide to hang up the headset. Could that happen this year? Why not. He has been at the helm for 17 seasons. Maybe, he might think it is time to move on and try his hand at another craft. Alternatively, he may just want to move into a front office position and get away from the sidelines. Not only has he been a head coach for 17 seasons, he has been a coach for over 40 years. That weighs on an individual eventually.

While the New England Patriots may not see an immediate downgrade, the time is not far away. It will start after their 2017 quest is over. How long before the fall is over? Only time will tell.

So, do you think the New England Patriots will see an immediate effect from the loss of Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels? How soon do we see the Patriots reign end? Leave your comments below.

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