Netflix: What Lies Ahead For Doug and Elsa On Season 2 Of Atypical

What’s going to be the status of Doug and Elsa on Season 2 of Atypical? We know that Elsa’s secret affair has been exposed by Doug, and that can only mean trouble is brewing at the Gardner household.

Elsa, looking for an escape from her life, met and had an affair with Nick, a local bartender. She had always been such a family woman, had always put them first, and never gave up on anyone, even when Doug left as things got too hard. She had a lapse in judgment with Nick. And she’s about to pay the price.

Things for Elsa and Doug seemed to be on the mend. They had finally agreed to give the marriage a clean slate. Elsa would no longer hang the walking out over Doug. Yet, in the back of your mind, you knew that the affair would cause issues with both. When Doug had an idea at the Winter Formal and then the note on the board at home, it was all over for Elsa.

We know Doug had tried hard to understand and support Sam. Typically, that was Elsa’s area of expertise. Doug had finally figured out how to connect and deal with his autistic son. Now, he needs to figure out the situation with his marriage.

Casey is livid with her mom about the affair (She’s the one who saw Elsa and Nick share one last kiss together).

What does this affair mean for Casey and Sam? We know they both love their parents very much. Casey has issues with her dad and mother this season. The father issues seemed to have been worked out. But who knows if she’ll ever really forgive him for walking out. As for her relationship with her mom, that’s going to be tough.

After all Elsa has meant to Sam, and seeing Doug try so hard to be a part of the family, and Sam’s life, Casey might not forgive her mom for cheating. It’s one thing to walk out on the family, but Casey was so young, she hardly remembered. Seeing her mom cheat on her dad right in front of her must really be like a dagger to her heart.

Sam on the other hand, might not fully understand the impact this may have on Elsa and Doug. His autism prevents him from showing much emotion or feelings, so we might never know how much an event like this would shape him. It’s probably more on Casey’s side that we see the real hurt and anger.

What does this mean for Doug and Elsa? They’ve gone through struggles before with Doug walking out. This is different though, as the two were doing so good. It’s really going to take Doug time to trust Elsa again, if at all. She really messed things up with her family by doing this. And it’s now going to be really tough to put this behind her. As we await season 2 of Atypical, this will be one of the questions on everyone’s mind.[DanielTwitter]

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