Miami Dolphins: Can they afford the Baker Mayfield gamble?

Apparently Baker Mayfield wants to be a member of the Miami Dolphins. The Heisman trophy winner out of the University of Oklahoma appears to have made his preference known in an Instagram live feed with Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills. In the chat Mayfield’s verified account states “#GetMetoMiami”.


Now that the cat is out of the bag just how much can we read into the statement. Mayfield could be turning off the 10 teams who select above the Miami Dolphins or it was a subtle nod to Kenny Stills and the desire to play with a young and talented wide receiver. Of course there’s the draw of playing in the fun and sun of South Florida with no state tax on their contracts but there’s also a perfect scenario for the young quarterback to excel.

The Miami Dolphins are in the perfect place to bring in a young and talented quarterback without the pressure to start right away. The team still is committed to quarterback Ryan Tannehill at least through the end of this season as long as he can come back healthy and ready to play this season. The Dolphins have made it known that they’re willing to select the best player available no matter the position they play. Should they feel Mayfield is that guy, he just might be a member of the team come draft day.

By drafting Baker Mayfield the team can get away with developing a young quarterback if they feel Tannehill doesn’t pan out to the contract they eventually signed him to. It would also allow them to drop veteran career backup Matt Moore. Moore has been the guy for the Dolphins for some time now but has never solidified himself as a reasonably priced alternative when the starter goes out. Moore could be a cap casualty for the cheaper and younger Mayfield.

While the team needs plenty of help in other positions before selecting a quarterback in the first round they might have enough ammo to trade come draft day. Miami has done their fair share of moving up and moving players to acquire picks and a few times last season Adam Gase made it known he’s not happy with performances and roles with the team. Since making those comments if those players haven’t stepped up it wouldn’t be hard to believe the Dolphins would move on from those players to build more positions of need.

Come draft day no one is ever quite sure what the Miami Dolphins will do. Being a team that desperately to build more than a one and done season the team might start looking to plan for the future. Baker Mayfield might not be the player to lead the team now, but if he wants to play for the Dolphins he might be worth the gamble to be the future of the team.[RickTwitter]

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