Jacksonville Jaguars: Three Keys against the New England Patriots

For the Jacksonville Jaguars, a return trip to the AFC Championship Game is Christmas coming late. After all, this is their first trip since 1999 to the game. A game that also puts them one step closer to playing in Super Bowl LII. The opponent is no secret either. Everyone knows or has heard of the New England Patriots. If not, then you must live in a cave. So, how can the Jaguars beat these Patriots? Here are three keys to Jacksonville’s success on Sunday.

  1. Turnovers

I am not just talking about getting turnovers. I am also talking about not giving the ball away. The offense of the Jacksonville Jaguars must do an exceptional job of protecting the football. They cannot, in any way, give the Patriots a short field. That is, without a doubt, recipe for disaster. There must be a plethora of ball control plays in the arsenal of the Jaguars on Sunday.

On the other hand, the defense mu find a way to create a couple of turnovers. Whether we are talking a sack-fumble, an interception, or punching the ball away from a runner, the Jags must force the issue. Giving your offense a short field is going to be ideal. They can score quickly and often which, in turn, forces the hand of the Patriots.

  1. Blake Bortles = Trent Dilfer

The coaching staff of the Jacksonville Jaguars knows how to win this ballgame on Sunday. Thus, the one thing they must do is keep the game to where Blake Bortles does not have to try to win it. Lean on your running game and roll with multiple play action passes. Consequently, making the 30th ranked pass defense have to play. This is how the 2000 Baltimore Ravens did it with Trent Dilfer and the Jags should heed the same warning.

  1. Control your emotions

As a young and energetic group, the emotions are going to be high. Nonetheless, the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to need to channel those emotions. Furthermore, as a team, you can not let one negative thing snowball. You have had composure all season long. Thus, this game should not be any different.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the one team that was in the AFC Tournament that can win in New England. They have a blueprint in front of them. In fact, it was brought in with their Vice President of Football Operations, Tom Coughlin. He knows and the young ones should listen. Do your thing Jags, DO-YOUR-THING!

So, how do you feel the AFC Championship Game will play out? Leave your comments below.

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