Islands Of Adventure: Super Silly Fun Land Would Be A Great Replacement For Seuss Landing

Islands of Adventure needs to update some areas of the park. Seuss Landing might need some altering in the future. Why not revamp this section of IOA to Super Silly Fun Land from Despicable Me?

It’s a crazy thought to change Seuss Landing. The area is still quite popular with the younger children, not to mention it’s the main hub of Grinchmas. But times are changing, and the park needs an update.

Theming this section of IOA to Super Silly Fun Land offers families a fun environment that’s much more relevant than that of Seuss Landing.

Similar to Super Silly Fun Land at Universal Hollywood, the Orlando version would include a small water park and kids rides. A Dumbo Flying Elephants attraction would be perfect for this area. In addition, re-imagining the Cat In The Hat dark ride to something Minions or unicorns related would be quite intriguing.

What’s nice about IOA is you have much more room to operate than the Universal Hollywood park. Super Silly Fun Land could be expanded even more. Things that were thought not possible at Hollywood, could be brought to life at Islands of Adventure. It’s a great idea in theory. Still, a few things need to be worked out.

For starters, a project such as this would need a lot of time to build. And as of now, Universal has a lot on their plate. With the new Potter coaster, Nintendo Land and The Ministry of Magic all set to debut soon, there’s not a lot of free time the park will have.

It’s possible that if Universal Orlando opens a third theme park we would get the Super Silly Fun Land there. That’s the most logical option, as destroying Seuss Landing at this time might not be in the best interest of Universal Orlando seeing all the new stuff they are putting in. This doesn’t mean park guests should lose hope though.

Super Silly Fun Land is a hit at Universal Hollywood. Creating the amusement park within a theme park is a brilliant idea. Universal has proven they spare no expense when it comes to theming at their three North American parks ( Simpsons, Harry Potter, Despicable Me).

With the land they’d have at Islands of Adventure, the addition of some more Despicable Me would be a welcome sight. Who knows if they actually do this, and quite frankly they probably won’t, but it’s nice to think about the possibility of Super Silly Fun Land coming to Universal Orlando Resort.[DanielTwitter]

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