Is Batman Vol. 5 the best comic out right now?

When Rebirth was announced and fans learned Scott Snyder wouldn’t be continuing his work on Batman there was a sense of concern. Tom King was signed on the pick up the most beloved of comic book characters and live up to one of the few successes of the New 52. If movies are any sign of fan reactions, then the criticism of the on-screen version should have scared any writer off. However, the torch was passed on to King and he took it and ran with it. Batman’s Rebirth story has been one of, if not the best comic books running now. Bruce Wayne has been through a revealing emotional roller coaster through the 30+ issue run. Readers are treated to more than just the dark and brooding vigilante.


The latest story to unfold is Bruce Wayne Selina Kyle(Catwoman) to marry him. Of course she says yes with their on again, off again relationship and what unfolds after that is pretty entertaining. After a fight with Daughter of the Demon Talia al Ghul for the right to marry Bruce, we get an inside look at the dynamic between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

What’s fascinating about the issue titled Superfriends Part 1, is we get an authentic look at what the duo really think of each other. The growing respect and belief the other doesn’t need each other dives deep into the mutual respect these characters have for one another. Bruce looking up to Clark as Superman and Clark looking up to Bruce as Batman connects them to each other revealing their true friendship. By the end of the issue readers are treated to a first they may never thought possible. How in the history of Batman and Superman have Lois Lane and Selina Kyle never met? Of course the issue teases the followup “A double date 78 years in the making”.

If ever you wondered how a double date between Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle and Clark Kent/Lois Lane would go, Batman #37 nailed it. There’s the brilliant tit-for-tat between the two pair about the reasons they fell for one another. A few laughs can be had when they realize they’re at a superhero themed event and have to dress up as one another. There’s even a who’s more macho moment involving America’s favorite pastime.

While the premise of these events unfolding may sound like boring filler issues, the fun of reading them is the human side of these characters. The readers aren’t distracted with hunting down villains or evil plots and you actually get a sense of who these characters are in their every day lives outside or being heroes. They’re written in a way that reminds readers that before they were heroes they were people too. That sense of realism grounds these characters and lends a feel to the authenticity of their world.

If you love Batman and aren’t currently reading h volume 5 in his comic run you’re missing out. We’ve seen relationships unfold between family, friends, and even villains like never before. Tom King has picked up the Batman mantle where Snyder had left off and arguably may have written a just as good if not better version of Bruce Wayne. Between the two it’ll be hard, if there’s a next writer assigned to the character, to top what they’ve done.[RickTwitter]

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