Walt Disney World: Make Way For A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction At Magic Kingdom

Wreck-It Ralph should get an attraction at Walt Disney World. And it finally might happen. Stitch’s Great Escape has just closed for good. The rumor is Wreck-It Ralph will be its replacement. With the sequel set to debut this Thanksgiving, an attraction to this amazing film makes sense.

Wreck-It Ralph really would do well in Tomorrow Land. With the main theme of the film being technology and video games, it makes perfect sense for this section of Magic Kingdom. And there are a lot of options the attraction can go. Wreck-It Ralph is such a diverse film with so many settings and scenes, who knows what Disney has in mind.

Knowing the history of the Stitch’s Great Escape attraction, you’ll know they used the same theater and set up as Alien Encounter. Yes, it’s possible a Wreck-It Ralph-themed experience could use the same type of layout but is repeating the same formula good for business?

The one issue I’ve had with Stitch’s Great Escape is it’s not Alien Encounter. That attraction met its demise because it was too intense for younger children, which may be partially the reason for the downfall of Stitch’s Great Escape. The longtime fans of Disney never seemed to care once Alien Encounter was removed (at least I didn’t).

The theater that has housed the previous attractions could be quite impressive
with a Wreck-It Ralph overlay. Still, it needs to be something new and different. Disney has done a great job over the years of bringing out innovative rides and experiences to their guests. There will not be a repeat or recycling of attractions with Wreck-It Ralph.

What could Disney possibly do to make this Wreck-It Ralph experience so memorable? Let’s assume they gut the existing attraction housed at Stitch’s Great Escape. It’s possible we see an entirely new show or spectacle. A dark ride is out of the question, as there might not be enough room or space to create one.

If there is indeed a new show, Walt Disney World might want to try to use that 2.5D they’ve advertised for Mickey’s Runaway Railway. I know we’ve yet to see it, but being as its new technology, using Wreck-It Ralph to display it might be quite useful. Although, there are many other routes Magic Kingdom can go with a new Wreck-It Ralph show.

The possibilities for a Wreck-It Ralph themed attraction are endless for Disney. As long as they completely rid themselves of the Stitch show elements, this should be a major hit for Magic Kingdom. Who knows when the attraction will open. Although a good guess is right before, or soon after, the Wreck-It Ralph sequel debuts. And I’m sure Walt Disney World will get this right.


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