Two and a Half Men: Here’s how to reboot the CBS Comedy

Two and a Half Men was on-air from September 22, 2003, until February 19, 2015. It told the story of Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen) who owned a Malibu Beach House. Charlie has a younger brother, Alan Harper (played by Jon Cryer) who divorces from his wife Judith and subsequently ends up moving in. Alan brings along his son, Jake Harper (played by Angus T.Jones). This show essentially chronicles the lives of these three people. The show ended in 2015 after Ashton Kutcher couldn’t find the success like Charlie did. However, as we are seeing now they are rebooting shows. For instance, Animaniacs is coming back to Hulu and Roseanne is coming back to ABC.  So it is not a foreign concept for a show to come back.


Since Charlie’s character was killed off, it would be rather tough to bring him back. The way I would do it is one of two options. Either you focus more on Jake’s character and go from there  While the show was in its run, we never really got a full glimpse into Jake’s life. I think it would be interesting to get a reboot, but have it through Jake Harper. The other option you have is to bring back most of the original cast (except for Charlie because he died) and have Alan sell the house. You can play it off that Alan tries to sell the house but Rose ends up buying it.

She then can make the claim that she owns the whole building. That would explain why she is able to get into their house. Then you can have Rose be a love interest of Alan. We saw teases of this during the series, but nothing came to the forefront. Have it get to the point that they are about to have a marriage and then Charlie comes back to haunt his brother and tell him no.


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