Stranger Things: The Friendship Of Steve And Dustin Must Live On

Steve and Dustin are the world’s newest duo. After Season 2 of Stranger Things, the two have become the talk of the Netflix world. Certainly an odd couple, they have formed a lasting friendship, one that nobody expected.

To fight off the Demogorgon, Dustin sought the held of Steve. We saw the two work together briefly in Season 1 but not to this effect. The two were on the same page when it came to capturing Dustin’s new pet (Demogorgon). Steve, armed with his spiked bat, was the fighter. Dustin tried to emulate him, but there’s just no matching Steve’s bravery.

At The junkyard, Steve took on multiple Demogorgons, while Dustin, Lucas, and Max, all waited in the bus. It’s that kind of sacrifice that makes Steve such a good role model for Dustin. We know how Steve was somewhat of a rebel in high school before he met Nancy, but now he’s a perfect person for the young kids to model themselves after.

Dustin also learned a little about love and women from Steve. Granted, the advice didn’t work as effectively for Dustin, Steve treated him as if he was his little brother. Steve filled some kind of void in Dustin’s life. And while we might not see that directly, he’s definitely been impacted by him.

It’s a good guess that Dustin’s dad is out of the picture. All he has is his mom, who’s very protective. Steve acts not only as a little brother but a father figure as well. That’s good for Dustin. He needs that positive influence in his life. Steve might be the most unlikely person for a role model, but he has become Dustin’s friend. And that’s not something Dustin will forget.

With the third season of Stranger Things supposedly taking place a few years after the conclusion of the second season, we don’t know how the friendship of Dustin and Steve will play out. Steve seemed to be much more occupied with his relationship with Nancy.

Dustin has his friends and still will be supported by them. Steve did seem to fill a void in his life. And for the time they were together, he seemed a lot more open and talkative than usual. Whether or not the friendship lasts is unknown, but let’s hope it does.


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