NXT: Street Profits Making A Name For Themselves Rather Quickly

Street Profits are the biggest thing in NXT. It’s not Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, Undisputed Era, or Sanity, it’s Street Profits. Deservedly so, as both Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford are wrestlers with tons of skill that have a long history with NXT. And their future in the WWE couldn’t be brighter.

Dawkins has been with NXT for quite some time. He signed with WWE Developmental in 2012. Street Profits has been his big break. Before this, he wasn’t as prolific on NXT programming. Thankfully, he’s learned a lot over his time. He’s not only entertaining but knows how to put on a good match.

Ford has only been with WWE Developmental since 2015. He’s a guy they found from a tryout. Yup, he’s full-fledged WWE. It’s no secret that the executives at WWE love guys they’ve groomed themselves. Ford and Dawkins are both homegrown talent. It’s time the fruits of the NXT labor show.

It’s crazy to think that the fans have taken to Street Profits so well, so quickly. They’ve somehow got a black solo cup to get over with the crowd, probably more so than half of the NXT roster. That’s the kind of energy and charisma these two bring to the table. They are fun, hip, energetic, and off the wall.

Most of the time we get these tag teams that just fizzle out and get no reactions from the start. There are some on NXT now that have this kind of effect. That’s certainly not Street Profits. They look to be around for quite some time. It’s obvious Triple H believes in them, booking the two in a number 1 contenders match on NXT recently.

While Street Profits might have lost to Authors of Pain during the number 1 contenders match, they still have a bright future ahead of them. In fact, if the crowd interest keeps up, Triple H and William Regal will need to put these guys higher on the card. Nonetheless, there’s just no escaping this.

With the influx of talent and tag teams coming or already in NXT, Street Profits should be high on the list of teams to push. There’s not a Tag duo on NXT that gets this kind of reaction.

Business wise it makes sense for WWE to give them more time and a more prominent role. Just imagine all the black solo cups WWE would sell by pushing this team. All in all, they are money, and it seems a lot of people already know that.


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