The Goldbergs: Erica learned a valuable lesson

On the most recent episode of the Goldbergs, Erica, the older daughter, learned a valuable lesson. The theme of the episode was while she was in her college dorm, her roommate and she was talking about going to some fancy concert. It was clear in the start that she was being taken advantage of. When she returned home, her attitude and tone were very different. Her mother, Beverly, made a great line. She turned around to Erica’s boyfriend and said that college has made Erica into a rude person. This was made clear when the roommate didn’t understand what a “water ice” was. Erica’s roommate was essentially playing her against her family.


This made for an interesting episode of the Goldbergs. Prior to the concert, Barry (Erica’s brother) was explaining to Beverly and Erica’s Boyfriend in some fancy lingo. We then see him take out a chalkboard with the term CLASS in big bold letters across it. Beverly then mentions how they will learn something and asks Barry what that is. Barry without batting an eyelash says it’s a mammogram. You need to understand that Barry is a bit out there. At another point in the episode, he is telling the dad that he wants to be the team doctor and starting point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. He says that his reasoning is that if he gets an injury, then he can work on fixing himself.

As far as Erica, she learned that it is not great to be a snot. She realized this as the concert was going on and she didn’t fit in well with the music or the crowd. You can tell that her actions were annoying her roommate. The lesson that I felt they were teaching is, don’t turn your back on the people who love and care for you because, in the end, they are the real ones.


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