The Flash: 3 Questions from “Trial of the Flash”

It looks like the Flash is going to jail. Well more specifically Iron Heights Prison. In the latest episode of the Flash “Trial of the Flash” Barry Allen was on trial for the murder of Clifford Devoe. Part of his master scheme to keep the Flash occupied, Devoe staged his own death while implanting his brain in another meta-human’s body to carry out his evil plan. One we’re not 100% sure of his motive yet.


What’s Devoe’s end game? The Thinker has been one step ahead of team Flash the entire time. He’s calculated the math on every outcome and chose his best plan accordingly. Now that Barry is sent to the same prison that once housed his father, Devoe has the free reign to do whatever he pleases. So, just what is it he’s planning? Clearly it wasn’t just his plan to get the Flash locked up out of revenge. No, he needed him out of the picture for whatever diabolical plan he had in store. Obviously it is something only Barry can stop because no other member of team Flash has been targeted. Maybe Devoe knows it will take all of them to stop his plan.

How long will Barry be incarcerated? Barry and the team have never been able to give up without a fight. Sure, it seems like the Flash will be going to prison, but it wouldn’t make for much of a show if he was stuck there forever. Just what is team Flash’s game plan to prove Barry’s innocence? Do they have to defeat Marlize and “new Devoe” on their own or will they find a way to prove Barry’s innocence in time for the big show down? Can the team finally outsmart Central City’s smartest villain?

Who will the Flash encounter while in prison? The hardest challenge Barry will face in prison is no one knows, other than the villains locked up, there that he is the Flash. Iron Heights is home to many meta-humans throughout the series and comics so there’s a chance Barry has put a few of them there. Of course, one or more will recognize him which presents a problem. If no one knows he’s the Flash, how will he be able to handle any trouble that presents itself during his stay?

In one of the coolest scenes we’ve been treated to Barry pulls Iris aside in court to have a one on one with her. Apparently as the Flash he can move insanely fast and can apparently pull someone along with him. It was in this moment Barry was able to tell Iris not to reveal his identity, that he was ready for whatever may come. The show has teased the optimistic Barry before but quickly turned away from that comic book staple. Is this the new side of the Flash we’ve only saw briefly? Next week’s episode “The Elongated Knight Rises” should give a few answers.[RickTwitter]

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