WWE: It is time that Ethan Carter III Come Back

Let’s get EC3 to WWE. After taking his curtain call at the Impact tapings, the time for Ethan Carter III to sign with Vince McMahon is here. It’s been a long road for him, one that saw WWE cut the former Impact champ. Still, he’s at the top of his game, and will no doubt benefit the top promotion in the world.

EC3 has had his chances with WWE before. Known as Derrick Bateman, he was a part of the fourth and fifth seasons of NXT. After his release, Impact came calling, and the rest is history.

EC3 is one of the best talkers in the business. With an improving wrestling style, he’s made for WWE once again. This time Vince McMahon and Triple H won’t think to get rid of him. EC3 is a star and had proven that at Impact wrestling over the years. He’s been the reason many still watch the show on Thursday nights.

There’s a lot of history with EC3 and WWE. Teaming with the likes of Johnny Curtis (Fandango) and winning the FCW Florida Tag Team Titles in the past. Although, WWE isn’t the only place EC3 has succeeded before his run in Impact. He’s won the AIW Absolute Championship, Firestorm and House of Glory titles. Not to mention he’s faced off against the likes of Matt Cross (Son of Havoc on Lucha Underground) and Johnny Gargano on the indie scene.

If EC3 is indeed going back to WWE, he’ll need a push as a top star. There are no excuses for that this time around. Especially after making a name for himself in Impact and the indie scene. So much so that he’d probably be main eventing NXT in just a month or two.

You can’t deny the skill of EC3. There aren’t many like him in the world of wrestling today. He’s arrogant, cocky, and so many other things, that make him the perfect heel. There’s been so much improvement over the years for Ethan Carter III. It’s time WWE gives him a shot at being in the main event.

So many other wrestlers have come to WWE and failed, only to improve themselves and come back. Ethan Carter III would be the next in a long line of those wrestlers. Finally, earning his spot with the WWE. There should be little doubt about his place in the wrestling world.


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