WWE Rumors: The “Firing” of Braun Strowman leads to his WrestleMania match

It is safe to say that RAW was interesting last night. The biggest thread throughout the show was what happened in the opening segment. Braun Strowman would come to the ring to talk about his upcoming match at the Royal Rumble. However, General Manager Kurt Angle came out and interrupted it. In hindsight, he was firing Strowman because of his actions last week. However, RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon would end up rehiring him and his match was still on at the Rumble. Nonetheless, now the rumor to why the WWE went with the “fired” angle with the Monster Among Men is out.


The Wrestling Observer reports, the WWE may be setting up for a Strowman/Triple H match at WrestleMania 34. We saw the seeds planted for this at Survivor Series when Triple H wouldn’t allow him to get the pin that would have gotten the victory for Team RAW. By rehiring him, they want to embarrass him to further tensions between him and Triple H. When I was watching RAW last night, I figured this was to further the feud between Triple H and Kurt Angle. They have been teasing something between them for the longest time now.

By going this route, it would give Strowman a ton of credibility as being one of the top guys on the brand. In my humble opinion, this is only being done for Triple H to put over Strowman. The only problem is if I were the WWE, I would make this match official way before Fastlane (the last PPV for the WWE before WrestleMania). You need to have more than two weeks to get this match over with the WWE crowd. Also, you need to give this time to materialize.

I hope that this match will finally give Strowman the push to hold the title at SummerSlam.


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