WWE: Ricochet and War Machine have officially signed

The WWE officially announced that they had signed Ricochet and the tag team known as War Machine. The addition of these three guys will do wonders for NXT. It is expected that the WWE will be announcing more signings in the coming days. My feeling is that it won’t be a long time until Ricochet and War Machine are vying for titles in NXT. It is worth noting that although they have dominated most of the wrestling scene, I suspect they will all start in NXT and by 2019 will be on the main roster. Now I want to play a bit of fantasy booking about how I would introduce these guys to the NXT roster.


How should Ricochet get introduced and booked? 

WWE NXT Takeover Philadelphia is not far away, As we have seen, the WWE will end up planting stars that have signed or are about to sign in the crowd. At Takeover Dallas, Bobby Roode was in the crowd. At Takeover Brooklyn we saw Drew McIntyre in the crowd. You can go the route of doing this or you have another option. As we saw at the end of the match between Roode and McIntyre is the debut of Adam Cole. You could have something happen when Ricochet debuts after Gargano/Almas title match. I would book him with a rocket to the top of NXT. He is money and if the WWE puts the title on him soon, then it would be great.

How should War Machine get introduced and booked? 

You could also use Takeover as the place to introduce them. Thus, like Ricochet, I would push War Machine to the top of the heap. My only hope is that we can get a triple threat match for the NXT Tag Titles between Sanity (Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain) vs. Authors or Pain vs. War Machine. Consequently, those three teams are all big guys who are great in-ring workers. As we also saw at War Games, Sanity and Authors of Pain have great chemistry.

It is such a great time to be a fan of the WWE as the dream matches are endless with the additions of Ricochet and War Machine.


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