Spider-man 2 set to start production soon

If you’re wondering just how soon they’re diving into Spider-Man 2 then wonder no longer. Production dates have been announced and the film will be ready to start in May 2018. The studio is looking to dive right in at the end of the month presumably to let Tom Holland make his rounds for the premier of Avengers: Infinity War. With the overwhelming success of the first film, it’s no wonder the studio wants to tackle the sequel as early as possible. After a few stumbles along the way, they seem to finally have Peter Parker right.


There are still plenty of questions going in to the next installment of Spider-man. First things first, can they top the brilliantly played Adrian Toomes/Vulture by Michael Keaton. Keaton is no stranger to superhero films and has reemerged as one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors. He has menacing down to a science and cast a wide shadow over the Spider-verse. Sony/Marvel have to up the ante if they want to avoid another lackluster Spider-man franchise and find the perfect villain.

Second, Sony decided to throw a wrench in with MJ. Typically, MJ was short for Mary Jane Watson. At the end of Spider-man: Homecoming it appeared the studio was taking a different approach revealing Zendaya’s Michelle would be taking the role of “MJ”, but what does that mean for the character? Obviously Mary Jane has a big part in Peter Parker’s life but the studio has pivoted. Will Michelle be a carbon copy of MJ from the comics and just given a different name for the movie franchise, or will they recreate the character all together? On top of that, MJ was always a love interest for Parker, with the character change, will they stray far from that pivotal plot line as well?

Finally, now that the first movie was such a success, can the franchise stand on it’s own two feet moving forward without Iron Man and his cameos? While Spider-Man is written into the MCU, the character is still owned by Sony. This creates an obstacle for the studio as they’re not going to consistently have the rights to characters. Going forward they need to develop more protagonists and heroes throughout the series otherwise the Spider-verse will seem a lot smaller than the MCU it’s supposed to fit in with. Spider-man has a long list of villains to work with but can it bring in the heroes to balance the scales?

Spider-man: Homecoming was a fresh reboot the character greatly needed. Fans and critics alike had multiple gripes with the first two interactions of the character but had their concerns addressed with the latest reboot. The Spider-man sequel doesn’t have a name yet, but has been assured it will not be Homecoming 2. Could the title be the key to the next big reveal? We’ll have to wait until 2019 for the answer.[RickTwitter]

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