Scorpion: Toby Gave Walter The Wrong Advice Regarding Florence

Why did Walter O’Brien go to Toby for love advice? Well, Walter didn’t ask for advice about buying Paige a present or how to defuse a fight they just had, but he did tell him about the dream he had about he and Florence being married and kissing. That was to be expected as the two are friends, however, it was the advice that Toby gave that may have landed Walter in hot water with Paige.

The infamous Walter and Florence dream. The dream that caused me to write “why Florence is perfect for Walter“, and the dream that had so many Scorpion fans angry with me. Well, I’m back, but this time, I’m on Paige’s side.

When Walter told Toby about the dream, Toby actually gave solid advice on why Florence and Walter were married in the dream. With Walter unconscious, the sound of Florence’s voice took his mental state to a place of comfort. It could have been the same if it was Happy or Kim Kardashian. However, this is where Toby made his second mistake.

His first came in ” A Christmas Car-Roll” when Walter explained his dream to Toby for the first time. While doing so, he left out the part about Florence. Why was that so important? Toby explained Walter’s dream as Walter, even without knowing his friends in that life, still held the highest respect for them and that’s why they were all successful in his dream. But then you add Florence into that equation and you can see why there’s trouble brewing.

If Toby is spot-on about his reason for Walter’s dream, then what does that mean for Walter’s feelings about Florence? So I guess he has the HIGHEST amount of respect for her since that’s who he ended up married to and not Paige, right?

Even so, with Walter trying to put some distance between himself and Florence in” Bunker Games”, it was Toby’s advice that may cause more harm than Walter’s actual dream. Toby told Walter he should tell Florence about the dream when he should have told him to tell Paige first. In a relationship, never tell the person you have the issue with before telling your partner there’s an issue first. Now the sad part is, Walter will get a pass because he’s new to these feelings, however, Toby will get a tongue lashing from Paige and Happy for not knowing better.

Is Walter To Blame For the Florence Situation?

But the real drama is just getting started.

While Paige was upset about the dream, there are two other factors to consider. One, did we not see the look on Florence’s face when Walter informed her about the dream? She wasn’t too shocked by the idea. Florence looked at Walter as if she may have had the same thoughts before. Two, and one that was so small that many may have forgotten about it.

In the episode “Faire is Foul” there was a quick innocent scene where Walter threw away a tape recording of some music lyrics he was recording for Paige. When he tried to throw them in the trash they landed under the bed. Why is that important? Have you ever been in a fight with your partner and the little things always comes back to bite you in the rear end or end up saving you? That’s how significant those lyrics could be.

What if Paige finds the recording and accuses Walter of writing them for Florence? Yeah I know, sounds crazy but stuff like that does happen. Everything hinges on how things go when Walter, Paige, and Florence are all in a room together. One thing I do love about Paige is her willingness to get right to the heart of a problem. If Walter continues to act strangely around Florence, Paige will make sure all three of them are in a closed room to see if there is indeed anything between the Walter and Florence.

Walter Should Have Told Paige About the Florence Dream

Remember, Paige was the last to know of the dream. Toby knew and Florence before Paige did. She’s not a genius like the others but she’s smart enough to know she was left out.

It’s clear the Walter loves Paige. I never said differently, I just stated that Florence might be the better fit for where Walter is now. Florence now knows the truth about the dream which if she begins to act differently, then she has feelings for Walter. Now that Paige also knows, she will be on the lookout for any funny behavior from Walter and Florence. Scorpion is about to get interesting.

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