Marvel’s Runaways: The Who, What, When, Where, And Why Of Hit Hulu Show

Hulu has managed to claw their way into the superhero market with Marvel’s Runaways. Last Tuesday, the streaming giant released the Season One finale of the new series. However, with all new shows comes questions. For Runaways, the questions will begin with the normal, who, what, when, where, and why? These are reserved for those who may have heard of the show and are still on the fence about giving it a try.

My first reaction to the news that Hulu was making a Runaways show was who? I’ve never read a Runaways comic and had no idea the show was based on one. But, after the first three episodes, I was hooked. Still, after episode three went off, I found myself heading to Google to see why Hulu had chosen the Runaways as their ticket into the hero world.

The Who (Who Are Marvel’s Runaways?)

Six teenagers who were once best friend then became strangers after the death of one of their friends and now they have reunited but things are a little different from before. The leader of the crew is Alex with his genius-like persona. Nico is the girl who possess the staff and whose sister was killed. Gert is the smart mouth one with the pet dinosaur. Molly is her little sister with the freakish strength. Karolina is the one who can fly and shoot beams out her hands. And then there’s Chase, the popular guy who just happens to be a genius with fistigons.

The What (What Is Pride?)

Pride is the organization that Jonah started and includes the Runaway’s parents. It’s mainly a front for some cosmic stuff going on beneath the earth. While there are riches involved, there’s also death, aliens, and betrayal. Pride, along with Jonah are the main villains of the show.

The When (When Does Marvel’s Runaways Air)?

Runaways is a Hulu-based show that airs every Tuesday. With the show now finished with its first season, Season 2 will not air until later 2018. But you can still go to Hulu and watch the first 10 episodes.

The Where (Where Do Marvel’s Runaways Take Place?)

Its done in present-day times. The show is based in California with the Runaways still shown as high school students.

The Why (Why You Should Watch Marvel’s Runaways)

Runaways is not your normal Marvel show. While the masses will flock to Daredevil, Luke Cage, and the others that Netflix has to offer, Runaways is done rather differently. There are still powers involved, however, it’s more along the lines of One Tree Hill meets Charmed with a twist of Agents of Shield.

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