I,Tonya Might Not Tell The Whole Truth, But The Film Is A Massive Success

I, Tonya was a gripping tale of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan situation. Although, the film was much more than that. The story of Tonya Harding is the focus. From her childhood to the events after the incident, they really give insight into Harding’s struggles as she made her way to the top.

Let’s get one thing straight, this movie made Tonya Harding look almost like a saint. You’ll never think she’d have anything to do with the incident by watching this film. Whether or not we are given the whole story isn’t clear. Personally, I’m of the belief she had a lot more influence on it than the film led on.

Margot Robbie had the performance of her career as Tonya Harding. That being said, Allison Janney was the star of this film. Portraying Tonya’s mother, Alison, she was spot on as the ruthless, aggressive, and tough as nails parent. She’s rightfully deserving of an Oscar nom, as is Robbie.

One thing that stood out was the amazing hair, make-up, and costume design. Janney and Robbie looked completely different in this film. The costumes were also quite extravagant. Figure skaters have some very elaborate attire, and that was fully on display in I, Tonya.

What did I not like about I, Tonya?

I’d say the major issue with this film is that it’s probably not the whole truth. As mentioned before, there’s a lot they are not telling us. Otherwise, there’s not much to nitpick. I’ll say that Robbie and Janney easily overshadow Sebastian Stan in the movie. He never really lived up to the bar they set.

What did I like about I, Tonya?

Aside from the acting of Robbie and Janney, and the costume/makeup, the camera work was stellar, especially during the skating scenes. There was also a great deal of comedy in the film. I, Tonya can sometimes go to a very dark place, but it always fires back with a laugh.

So, if you’ve got the chance, go see I, Tonya. Moreover, it’s a great picture that might give a little clarity to the incident. Furthermore, the acting was Academy Award worthy. In terms of figure skating movies, it’s the top of the pack for me. And it’s possibly a top sports movie as well.


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