Flash: Has the Flashpoint movie finally found it’s director?

It looks like the Flashpoint movie is back on track. After rumors of Ben Affleck being approached to direct, the Scarlett Speedster’s stand alone film finally appears to have it’s pieces in place. According to a report by Variety, John Frances Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are being eyed to direct the next installment of the DCEU.

While plenty of you might be wondering just who they heck they are, a little research will show this isn’t their first superhero rodeo. The two are credited as writer’s for Sony/Marvel’s reboot with Spider-man: Homecoming. With it being the third iteration of the superhero they were challenged with recreating a fresh and entertaining take on the character as well as keep continuity with the character brought to life in Captain America: Civil War. Spider-man Homecoming enjoyed great success at the box office and was loved by critics and fans so it should be good news for Flash fans.


But what does it mean for Flashpoint?

While Justice League was another 50/50 split for critics and audiences one thing most agreed upon was Ezra Miller’s take on the Flash was well received. The character arguably stole the show throughout the film with personality and witty quips similar to Peter Parker in Homecoming. Another strength of the writing team on Spider-man was the ability to create a well rounded storyline without beating a dead horse origin story. While there’s never been a big screen adaptation of the Flash’s origin Warner Bros/DC have stated they don’t want to recreate traditional origin stories over and over. With the CW’s hit tv show The Flash viewers have already been treated to the characters origin. Daley and Goldstein could very well pull a similar move to Homecoming and hint at the origin and quickly move on.

In a way it’s good Ben Affleck never landed the director role for Flashpoint. Even though rumors still persist with his involvement as Batman in the film it’s hard to link him to a specific role. As comic book readers will note, spoiler alert, in the Flashpoint storyline Bruce Wayne doesn’t exist. Thomas Wayne lives on to take up the Bat mantle and Bruce is killed in the alley. Affleck’s version of Bruce Wayne would be limited in screen time and might not be worth involvement if rumors of Affleck’s departure from the character are true.

Flashpoint, written by Geoff Johns is one of the most iconic storylines for our favorite speedster. It turned the DC comic book universe upside down and allowed them to reboot the history of many of fans favorite characters. Maybe the Flashpoint movie will do the same for the DCEU and it’s struggles as of late. One things for sure, if done correctly Flashpoint will be able to enjoy the rare DC on-screen success.[RickTwitter]

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