WWE: Goldberg to be inducted into Hall of Fame

We are truly on the road to Wrestlemania 34. The Royal Rumble is this Sunday and that will surely help clear up the card. One of the events during Wrestlemania week is the Hall of Fame ceremonies. It is worth noting that there’s no actual Hall of Fame for the WWE.

However, it was announced on Monday that Goldberg will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The feeling is that he will be the headliner for the class. Goldberg’s last match with the WWE was at Wrestlemania 33 when he defended the Universal title. Goldberg has been involved in pro wrestling since 1997 when he debuted in WCW. He would get thrown into one of the hottest storylines in the history of WCW. As he would end up going 173-0 and winning the WCW Heavyweight Title. He would suffer his first loss to Kevin Nash after getting tased by Scott Hall in WCW.


I know that he didn’t have long runs in the WWE and is still known as being a WCW guy. However, you can’t talk about wrestling without him. It is similar to Tupac going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While Tupac never wrote a rock song, he is still vocal in the history of music. Goldberg had some major moments, but they weren’t as impactful as his WCW run. The problem with Goldberg was that the WWE booked him as the WCW guy. That is also why we didn’t see Sting in the WWE for 14 years.

He is someone who made the leap from the NFL to the squared circle and did very well. I am curious to see who will be the one to induct him. There have been rumblings that we could see guys like Brock Lesnar or Eric Bischoff do the honors. From what I have been hearing, the 2018 Hall of Fame class will be interesting.


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