Universal Studios Orlando: Expand The Despicable Me Universe By Adding Villain Con

We know Universal Studios Orlando is always looking to improve the park. One way to do that is by removing attractions that aren’t as popular with the general public. Shrek 4D is one that’s on the chopping block. And there are already rumors of its replacement.

After listening to the Universal After Dark podcast, I came away mind blown over a possible new attraction to replace Shrek. It would be themed to the Minions movie. Villain Con, the annual event held for all the villains of the world.

It’s a great idea, as one of the best things about Minions were the Villain Con scenes. You could use the Shrek theater to house the numerous displays and a possible show. Just think about how cool an attraction like this would be. Universal Studios Orlando would be hitting a home run with this.

Seeing as Universal Studios Hollywood has the much larger Despicable Me section of the park, getting the franchise more exposure at Orlando might not be the worst of ideas. The films make a lot of money at the box office. In addition, Minion Mayhem is always one of the busiest rides at Universal Studios Orlando.

What would Villain Con consist of? How about a meet and greet with some new fictional villains? Or, like Comic-Con, you can travel from booth to booth checking out all the new products such as freeze rays, fart guns, or any other wacky inventions. There can also be something in the Shrek theater as well, possibly a new show or expo.

While the idea of Villain Con is just a rumor, the idea is quite brilliant. Not only does it add more Despicable Me and Minions to the park, it’s such a new and fresh idea that it will generate a lot of extra park guests. And we know Shrek 4D is set to close soon, as rumors of that are at an all-time high.

With the construction of Nintendo Land possibly starting this year, Universal Studios Orlando will have a lot to focus on these next few years. Adding Villain Con wouldn’t take up much construction time, possibly a year at most, so it’s a good way to get a new attraction at the park before the big Nintendo reveal.

There’s really nothing I’d like to see more than an expanded Despicable Me area of Universal Studios Orlando. This is the opportune time for the park to take advantage of that. And without doubt, they’ll get this right, creating an amazing experience for young and old.


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