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This Is Us returns tonight for their second episode after the holiday break. After last week’s episode it seems we may have a shift in tone in the second half of the season. After having it out in Kevin’s therapy session, the three siblings seem to finally have found their way back to each other and grounded themselves in reason. By the looks of this week’s episode, that feel good moment from the last episode will be short-lived.


This week’s episode titled Clooney from

“Kate goes wedding dress shopping; Kevin embraces a new lifestyle; Randall explores William’s past; Jack and Rebecca take the kids to the mall.”

From this week’s preview it looks like we’ll be exploring more of the past than the present storyline. Randle still seems to be hung up on the death of William and how it left him with the Pearsons. Kevin wants answers from Miguel for something we’ve all been wondering since the beginning. At what point in their relationship did Miguel and Rebecca actually develop feelings for one another? Just how much has the past effected the downward spiral we’ve seen in the past few episodes? Will the pay off be worth it in the end?

This Is Us continues to be a fan favorite but is dangerously close to Lost territory in terms of getting answers. Every week we’ve been given a hint of answers only for the question to be dragged out for four more episodes. While intrigue is part of the show’s appeal, we’ll need answers to start shaping who these characters will be in the future. Will we get them sooner than later?

Episode: Season 2, Episode 12 “Clooney”

When: Tuesday night, 9PM EST.

Channel: NBC

Live Stream: NBC


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