The Blacklist

The Blacklist: Raymond Reddington Has Every Right To Be Afraid Of Elizabeth Keen

It’s only a matter of time before Elizabeth Keen discovers the truth behind Tom’s death on The Blacklist. And by the look on Reddington’s face when Liz told him about her issue at the cabin, he’s afraid. And the truth is, Raymond Reddington has every reason to be. While Liz just discovered that Red is her father, Tom has been her husband longer. Not to mention they have a child together. There will come a time when a line in the sand has to be drawn and Red has to see it coming.

With Liz on leave from the FBI, she has devoted her spare time to finding Tom’s killer. While Red didn’t actually kill him, he’s still caught up in it thanks to the mysterious suitcase left by Mr. Kaplan. So what happens when Liz learns the truth? Does she kill her father or forgive him?

Red is a career criminal and has dealt with plenty of formidable adversaries over the years. But much like with Mr. Kaplan, he has a soft spot for the two women in his life. Red could not find it in himself to kill Kate and there’s no way he can pull the trigger on Liz either. But one of them will have to go and by Liz’s recent actions, that person looks to be Raymond.

In Liz’s mind, she’s at this alone while also knowing that if push comes to shove, Reddington will have her back if the situation gets too sticky. However, what she doesn’t know yet is that he’s the reason any issues will appear. Instead of just telling Liz the truth when he had the chance, Red froze and now he keeps getting himself deeper and deeper into a mess that can easily be explained.

No, he doesn’t have to explain to Liz who or what is in the suitcase, but he can at least tell her that he knew Tom was somehow involved. Buy not doing this, Red has put Liz in a state of mind where nothing matters but revenge. It’s so bad, that Liz handed Agnes over to Scottie (Tom’s mother), a woman she hardly knows. From that moment is when Reddington should have told the truth. If Liz is anything like him, and she very well seems to be, then he understands better than anyone the damage she’s about to cause.

Should Elizabeth Keen Kill Raymond Reddington?

All Red had to do was be honest. For much of last season, he told Liz the truth about everything no matter the consequences. But now is not the time to play the absent-minded father role. The look in her eyes let Red know that she’s out for blood and what’s making it worse for him, is that he’s watching her do this and not saying anything.

This has to scare Red down to his core. Liz is now him in every sense of the word. She’s beginning to act like his daughter and there’s no way Red can control his child.

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