Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Still Not Sure If We Can Trust Kylo Ren Or Rey

Even in a galaxy far, far away, confusion can settle in. With each of the previous Star Wars movies, we’ve always had a clear understanding of who the bad and good guy were. However, after watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I left the theater baffled. It wasn’t so much a what comes next thing, but more like a who can we trust? Kylo Ren or Rey?

Kylo Ren is cast as the next villain in the Star Wars franchise but he’s a bit too timid to walk in the shoes of Darth Vader. In The Force Awakens, Kylo was still fighting the good fight between good and evil but after he killed Han Solo, the thought was he made his decision. However, In The Last Jedi, he’s just as conflicted as ever. Case in point; Kylo Ren had two chances to kill off two important characters but he froze both times.

When Kylo Ren had the opportunity to kill Rey, he froze and decided to help her. After he took Rey to Commander Snoke and Snoke kept throwing how powerful Rey is in his face, Kylo Ren should have taken her out then. However, he decided to kill Snoke instead and fought side-by-side with Rey. He’s not ready to be a villain, that’s if he ever was.

Rey, on the other hand, is a bit more complex and confusing. She’s built up as the new heroine (Luke Skywalker) but it’s just something off about her. While she’s supposed to remind us of Luke, she seems to favor Darth Vader more. Let me explain. From the beginning, the origin of Vader was unknown. As we got to know more about him in the second series of films, we understood how a good kid turned evil. It was out of love that Anakin turned to the Darkside. Love for his mother and Padme.

Can We Trust Kylo Ren Or Rey?

With Rey, you get the same eerie feeling. Young Anakin had a strong presence in the force and so does Rey. But yet, their parents had nothing to do with anything Jedi-related. With Anakin, what drove him crazy was the death of his mother. He couldn’t get over the fact she was missing which resulted in his feelings all over the place. The same is going on with Rey. Her drive to know who her parents are, almost led her down a dark path. It seems we might be getting set up for another Anakin in the making. Luke said it best when he stated that her powers scare him.

With both characters, there is the element of the unknown being played out. Kylo Ren killed his father but couldn’t kill his mother. He had a chance to kill Rey but couldn’t do it then tried to kill his uncle. Trying to figure out if Kylo Ren is evil or good is confusing when it shouldn’t be. The force is strong with Rey but for what reason? Who is she and what does she plan to do with her powers?

What worries me about Rey is that she has no enemy to face but herself. Luke tried to teach her but that lasted all but a few days. For someone with no knowledge of the force, she sure as hell understands how to use her powers. It took Luke two movies to move rocks and Rey mastered that in three minutes. While she’s being built as the new hero, we must keep in mind that Anakin was just as well.

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