The Ranch: Colt And Rooster Need To Figure Out The Pipeline Debacle On Their Own

Beau is really going to need to work on his stress. Considering what happened on The Ranch Part 4 finale, things won’t be going so smoothly for the Bennett gang. It’s going to take a lot from Colt and Rooster to help make things right.

Beau Bennett isn’t the one who will cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day. That’s going to be the theme when he returns from the hospital. The pipeline deal, which was being used to buy the Peterson Ranch, fell through. This will no doubt create a lot of tension between Beau and the boys. And it’s something Beau can’t deal with considering his recent heart attack.

Colt and Rooster will already be doing a bulk, or possibly all, of the work at the Ranch. Beau won’t be able to do much of anything after heart surgery. The day-to-day operations will be handled by the boys. However, that’s the least of the problems for them.

After the failed pipeline deal, money could become an issue. The Bennett family doesn’t have the funds to pay for the property next door. And considering they’ve already agreed to buy the land, it’s going to make things very
unstable. Colt and Rooster need to come up with a way to get money. And Beau, who did agree to the decision of buying the land, won’t be able to do much given his current state.

If the Bennett’s can’t come up with a way to get the money from the failed pipeline deal, it’s possible the Peterson Ranch next door will become the property of Newman’s Hill. That’s a worst-case scenario for the Bennett family. Having the giant ranching corporation next door will only cut into their money, profit, and way of life.

Who knows what Colt, Rooster, and Beau will do to make things right. They’ve already spent the pipeline money. It’s a guarantee Beau will be stressed upon hearing the news, something which isn’t good for health. The Bennett boys need to fix this problem on their own. They were the ones who presented this idea to Beau, so they need to address it.

So, it would have been nice for the Bennett’s to acquire the extra set of land. Thus, that would mean a lot more profit for them at year’s end. However, the pipeline deal falling through isn’t going to make things easy. In fact, all of their savings went into that deal. Therefore, they’ll have to think of something quickly if they are to save this deal. To conclude, if they don’t, things could get really bad.


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