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Pittsburgh Steelers: Ways the 2018 Steelers can reach the Super Bowl

With the Pittsburgh Steelers losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, plenty of questions are surrounding the team.

Is Le’Veon Bell coming back for another season in Pittsburgh? Will receiver Martavis Bryant get dealt? How many changes will take place with the coaching staff?

In a conference that is sure to see a significant amount of changes, the Steelers can still take the AFC title and return to the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh must make the following changes:

1.) Fix the culture

Mike Mitchell talked about beating the Patriots in the playoffs, Bell brought up his contract right before the Steelers played their Divisional game and Bryant wanted out of Pittsburgh.

Mike Tomlin has to gain more control of the locker room and force their players to focus on the game. No distractions, no selfishness and no looking ahead. Pittsburgh has to have a more business-like approach to the game of football if they want to win a seventh Lombardi.

The Steelers could benefit from better play-calling as they struggled to convert a couple fourth downs in Sunday’s loss to the Jags. One of the fourth downs was a fourth and one. Instead of doing a quarterback sneak or making the Jags think twice about what they need to do, the Black and Gold tried running the ball with Bell. He ended up losing a yard on the play and the Jags got the ball back.

If Pittsburgh can avoid the pressures of the moment and avoid being predictable, then Pittsburgh should be okay going forward.

2.) Draft an impact player on defense

The Steelers have improved their defense over the past couple of seasons, but they need more impact players. They must find an inside linebacker, a pass rusher (either outside/inside linebacker) and they should draft a new safety.

It’s obvious that the Pittsburgh Steelers need better talent on defense and quality is something that should be a concern. Stopping the run is clearly a weakness for this team and so that must be fixed in order to return to glory.

3.) Tinker with the coaching staff

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley is set to be a free agent this offseason and defensive coordinator Keith Butler could have more of an impact.

If neither coach returns next season it’s understandable. Pittsburgh has been successful with the Bruce Arians-Dick LeBeau combo and the also won a Super Bowl with the Ken Whisenhunt-LeBeau combo. So, it’s fair to say the Steelers could make a change at both coordinator spots and still be fine entering next season.

If they continue to have questions about the Ben Roethlisberger-Todd Haley relationship, then it might be more beneficial to get a new O-coordinator that will mesh well with Ben.

Pittsburgh might find better results with a more energetic d-coordinator and one that might provide a new opinion on how the Steelers should go about utilizing the talent on that side of the ball.

The Pittsburgh Steelers should be one of the best teams in the AFC in 2018 and they could reach another Super Bowl. But, if they want to claim another Lombardi, they must make some small adjustments with huge benefits.

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