A Nightmare on Elm Street: It’s Time to Bring Back Freddy Krueger

Horror movies have aways had a place in the movie scene. From Alfred Hitchcock to Stephen King to Wes Craven and everyone in between the genre has always had a cult following. Studios are starting to dip back into reboots of older favorites after 2017’s success of It. With the genre’s popularity returning, is it time to bring back one of the all-time favorites, A Nightmare on Elm Street? The upcoming 2018 documentary FredHeads proves the franchise still has a following. Is it time to haunt audience’s dreams once again?

We’ve got reboot after reboot of Halloween but studios are showing no love to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Back in 2010 there was a brief reboot of the franchise that failed miserably and no one has picked up the reigns from there. The biggest gripe of the audiences was the poorly fabricated look of the films classic villain Freddy Krueger. Between the villain’s appearance and playing a little too safe and close to the original movie, the reboot was bound to flop.


So how exactly can they successfully reboot the franchise?

In order to bring Freddy back to life on the big screen, the only way to do so it a true origin story for the character but done right. In order for the character to thrive with today’s audiences, they’d have to find a way to bring the suspense and thrill back to the villains persona. Pull a page from the original Saw movie, where Jigsaw wasn’t revealed until the end of the movie while bringing the character’s mystery out throughout the story. While audiences pay good money to see their favorite villain, even films like Jaws have had success leaving the main antagonist a mystery until near the film’s end. As much as it doesn’t often play well, splitting the timeline to develop the characters descent into his serial killer ways would work better than another protagonists to tell a secondary character the villains back story. Giving an actual face to the villain would lend to the character’s realism, while leaving the character’s reveal towards the end of the movie would bring the character to life as well as build the suspense and mystery.

Also, one of the main things missing from the reboot as well was Krueger’s personality. Sure, an evil sadistic murder isn’t supposed to be funny, but somehow the foul-mouthed villain evolved into a smart-mouthed psychopath throughout the franchise’s run. In the 2010 film, the studio never brought that side of the character out. Even though it goes against the horror genre, that bit of range in personality humanized the character and made it more believable that Freddy Krueger was once an actual person. If a second reboot is ever in the mix, they’d better have both sides of the character or again risk missing their mark.

One of horror’s greatest villains has sat on the shelf long enough. The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise spawned plenty of sequels, video games, and even a television series. Freddy Krueger’s popularity within the genre has both frightened and delighted fans through the franchise’s historic run. Now its time to pick up where they left off and bring A Nightmare on Elm Street back to audiences.[RickTwitter]

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