Kenny Omega Needs To Stay Far Away From Vince McMahon And The WWE

Kenny Omega has signed a new deal with New Japan through January 31st of 2019. This would keep him as a part of their roster until that time, likely meaning all we’ll get is the occasional Ring of Honor appearance and annual PWG Battle of Los Angeles. This pretty much rules Omega out for WWE, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There are many that have the WWE as the end all be all to the wrestling world. While that can be true for some, others have found success elsewhere. Omega is one of those, as he’s probably the biggest draw in Japan. Omega doesn’t need the WWE.

Still, the thought of Omega in a WWE ring is quite interesting. He’s the biggest star in the world, and Vince would be stupid to not sign him if he were to become a free agent. Imagine the matches you could have with him. There’s the Club with A.J. Styles or Balor, the inevitable Roman Reigns match, or even Kurt Angle.

The opportunities for Omega would be endless in WWE. He’d probably be one of its biggest draws, seeing as he’s got the charisma, Mic skills, and wrestling ability. Omega really is the perfect package. This doesn’t mean it’s best for his career to join the WWE though.

In reality, while it’s a nice thought to think of Omega in WWE, he’ll likely be used to half his potential. Vince has shown us with Shinsuke Nakamura that he doesn’t know how to use his top talent. AJ Styles being the lone exception, all of the big indie/New Japan talents have been jobbed on numerous occasions. What would make Kenny Omega any different?

Sure, he’s arguably the biggest American wrestler in the world that’s not in WWE, but things will change if he ever does come to the dark side. Would it be nice for him to team with Balor Club or AJ Styles? Absolutely. Just don’t expect him to be a main eventer.

Kenny Omega has done just fine for himself outside of WWE. He’s more over than anyone in WWE could imagine. Coming over to WWE is a nice idea on paper, but won’t work out in the long run. Hence, Omega needs to stay far away from Vince McMahon.


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