Cleveland Browns: Spending $110 Million in Cap Space

If you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns, you have become accustomed to losing. In fact, it has been 16 years since the team has made the playoffs. Yes, that is right 2002. Since that time, there have been 8 head coaches, 38 starting QBs, and one winning season. So what has been wrong with the Cleveland Browns? In my opinion, it has been the organization of the front office. Now with new GM John Dorsey taking over the culture may just change. How do you change an organization that has lost so much? We play virtual GM and show you how.

The Cleveland Browns are, at the end of 2017, estimated to be $110 million under the salary cap. In order to bring winning back, there will need to be some money spent. So, let us go shopping.


The Cleveland Browns are in desperate need of a franchise QB. They need to get one who is competent enough to lead them down the field. There are two free agents that they should consider throwing the money. Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith.

Kirk Cousins

Cousins is going to be a high dollar roller. His price tag is going to be 5 or 6 years in the market of $130 to $135 million. He could also see the highest ever in guaranteed money. Maybe upwards of $90 million. This is easily something that the Browns can afford and still pay other players. The question is money or not, does Cousins want to play in Cleveland?

Alex Smith

Smith is not technically a free agent. However, he may still be available. The Browns could offer a second or third round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for the services of Smith. The Browns could then extend Smith for another 3 years at about $45-$50 million and still be well under for other players.

Another area that I would invest in is a personal follower for WR Josh Gordon. Gordon is by far, the best receiver on the team. He may even be the best player on the current roster. Nonetheless, we all know his history. Thus, in order for him to stay clean, I would pay a heavy price to have someone be his babysitter. The main thing is to keep him out of trouble, make sure he is clean, and he gets to meetings and practices on time. The cost to my salary cap -$0!


While the defense of the Cleveland Browns was not a huge concern, they finished 16th in the league, there could still be some improvement. Hence, one area is in their pass defense. Here they finished 14th in the league. While not top 10 it is certainly not bad. However, finding a young free-agent corner may prove to be more difficult than one thinks.

I could see an attempt at a trade for Richard Sherman. Sherman is the final year of a 4-year $56 million dollar deal. He is set to make $11 million. Acquiring him for a second or third round pick in 18 and 19 may not be a bad idea. He still has some year left and so you could re-sign him to a long-term deal. He would also bring that veteran presence that is needed.

Last but certainly not the least important is to take care of your own. While the Cleveland Browns may not have many free agents, they do have one that should be considered important. Running Back Isaiah Crowell should be seen as an important piece of the puzzle. He is a young, hard runner that carries a solid load. The Browns should look upon him to help any QB they may bring in to solidify the offense.


Cleveland Browns Warroom

The Browns have two picks in the four of the 2018 NFL Draft. Depending on who they go with at QB may depend on what they do with the first overall pick. If they sign their franchise guy, then I could see them going defense with their first pick. That will be interesting to watch.

Nonetheless, they do hold the 4th pick. With the 4th pick also comes a wanted spot. Depending on a teams needs and player availability, a team like the Washington Redskins could try and put a package together to get their QB. Of course, that is if they are unable to resign Cousins. In any case, the 4th pick will be coveted. If the Browns are ready to win they will trade down with this pick. Acquire multiple picks in years to come and continue to build. If the culture is not changing this will not happen.

While the Cleveland Browns may be just a piece or two away from the playoffs, they are multiple pieces away from a championship. Will John Dorsey bring in a new culture that stabilizes this franchise or is losing in their blood? With $110 million in cap space winning should come sooner rather than later. Stay tune!

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