Arizona Diamondbacks: Projecting the 2018 Starting Rotation

Just like the projected lineup the Arizona Diamondbacks 2018 projected starting rotation will be the same. The only thing that will be slightly different is the order. The pitching staff had a good season last year, and look to build off that success. There are two potential Cy Young award finalists in this starting five and it’s scary.

1) Zack Greinke RHP: Greinke is going into this season at age 35 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Greinke had a 17-7 win-loss record and an ERA of just 3.20. A solid season for Greinke. He’s one of the two potential Cy Young finalists in the rotation. Watch for him to continue his success and win a bunch more games.

2) Robbie Ray LHP: One of my favorite current pitchers in the game, Ray had an unbelievable season. Going 15-5 and had an ERA of 2.89 was a career best. Ray is the other guy you could see being thrown around for the Cy Young come the end of the season. Ray very well could compete for the number one spot in this rotation, with his makeup. However, with Greinke still being on the top of his game it might not be until next season.


3) Taijuan Walker RHP: Walker was the main piece of the Jean Segura deal with Seattle. While he’s been solid to this point he’s another player that hasn’t quite lived up to his hype. In 2017 he went 9-9 with an ERA of 3.97 something that he’ll need to improve upon if he wants to be the number three guy. If Walker continues to prove he will have struggles he could be used in the bullpen.

4) Zack Godley RHP: Godley may have only been around for half a season but he proved he could be relied upon. Godley stepped in during a series of injuries to starters and pitched very well. While his win-loss record ended up being only 8-9 that’s very misleading. His ERA was only 3.37 and had a great half of the season. Watch for Godley to compete for Walker for that three spot in the rotation.

5) Patrick Corbin LHP: While Corbin could easily be switched out for Shelby Miller I think he makes the cut. With Corbin being the only other lefty that appears to MLB ready he should get the nod. Corbin had one of his best statistical seasons to date. He had a 14-13 record and an ERA of 4.03. While Corbin’s stats may not have been eye-popping he can build on them. With him being the fifth guy to go there isn’t a ton of pressure on him. Although if he does struggle Shelby Miller could easily slide in this spot.

In fact, similar to the starting lineup, the rotation looks spectacular. On top of that, all these guys were here last season and know exactly how to compete. So, again watch for this team to compete for a division title. Hence, this rotation may end up being one of the best in baseball. As a result, watch for Arizona to be contenders deep into October.

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