WWE: Finn Balor will benefit from a reunion with The Club

It seems that the WWE has some sort of direction with Finn Balor.

As we have seen in the last two episodes of RAW, Finn Balor has teamed with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to form the Balor Club. It seems to be getting over with the WWE Universe mightily. Fans of the WWE have been clamoring to see these three guys team for some time. It is worth noting that this isn’t the first time Anderson and Gallows have teamed with someone on the WWE roster. Back when the two of them debuted on the WWE roster, they would team with AJ Styles as he was feuding with John Cena.


Those were the three who got the hashtag #BeatupJohnCena go viral. Anderson, Gallows, and Balor do have a history together. While the three of them were in New Japan Wrestling, they were apart of the legendary stable, Bullet Club. It seems that prior to this reunion, the WWE had no idea what to do with Balor. He returned from injury the night after WrestleMania and he has done nothing memorable. He had brief feuds with Elias and Bray Wyatt. It is worth noting that we never got a blow off to the Wyatt feud as Wyatt got sick right before their TLC match.

On the flip side, it seemed that the WWE wasn’t doing anything with Anderson and Gallows. Since Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins reunited, it seems that the tag team division on RAW has been revolved around them and the Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro). You would see Anderson and Gallows in matches with the Revival and there would be no story. At least now, the three of them together have some sort of direction. In addition, you need to keep them as heels.

As it is known in the wrestling industry, it is better to be a heel than a face.


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