Walt Disney World: On Second Thought, Change Tower Of Terror To Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout

Should Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World replace Tower of Terror with Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout? I’ve changed my tune on this. At first, I thought they should keep it, but now I’m not so sure. Thinking about it more, I’ve come to realize it’s just not working as Tower of Terror.

Similar to the California Adventure version, the possibility to change the format of the Twilight Zone to Marvel should be on the radar for all Disney Parks that house a version of Tower of Terror. Fans of the original Orlando version will no doubt riot. Although, a change is necessary.

There are some that are passionate about Tower of Terror. Still, the ride (at least to me) seems a bit dated. The Twilight Zone theme isn’t really new and hip. A lot of the new school Disney fans would welcome a change to Guardians. Tower of Terror is just not the same exciting theme as it used to be.

Walt Disney World should be looking at the success of Guardians and highly consider making a move. There are so many Marvel/ Guardians of the Galaxy in the USA and the World, that it would be a cash cow for the Orlando resort. And since it’s all about the money for any theme park, this is an obvious choice.

A move doesn’t have to be made right away. Seeing as the construction at Hollywood Studios is taking up so much of the space. And with little attractions open, Walt Disney World needs to give the Tower Of Terror change sometime. This also would give the Guardians attraction at Epcot (Yes, there can be two Guardians franchise rides at Walt Disney World. It’s such a money-maker that they’d be stupid not to.), and the Paris version of Mission Breakout, some more time to develop.

An Orlando Mission Breakout doesn’t need to be an exact clone of the California version, but keep it along the same lines. The Collector’s room at the beginning of the inside queue needs to stay, but put different items and Easter eggs in there that California Adventure doesn’t have.
You should also change the musical selection on the Orlando version, as the different options are what make the current Mission Breakout so re-rideable.

This could be wishful thinking, as I really just don’t like the Tower of Terror theme. It never appealed to me. I rode the attraction once when I lived in Florida through the age of 19. And the time I did ride it, I was bored by the Twilight Zone theme.

Of course, nobody knew in 2008 that Guardians of the Galaxy was a thing. But during the period of 10 years, it has become one of the biggest franchises in the world. And with the success of the California version, it’s time to replace the dated Tower of Terror. Speaking for myself, and probably millions of Marvel fans, let’s change to Mission Breakout.


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