Politics: When will people realize that Donald Trump is the problem?

Donald Trump has been in office since November of 2016. He ended up defeating Hilary Clinton and replaced Barack Obama in the White House. Throughout his campaign, he made a lot of promises and hasn’t really followed through. He said he was going to build a wall to keep out the Mexican people. I haven’t seen this happen yet. He seems to be pissing off every country and nation in the world. When you have North Korea making threats, then you have screwed up. He seems to love to call out the “fake media.”

I’m sorry to break the news. Most of the things that the news reports are stuff that he does. When he made the comments about how countries like El Salvador and many others are sh****le countries, he then said that he wasn’t a racist. The storm in Puerto Rico happened and he was more concerned with the National Football League. I was one of the people who said to give this guy a chance. He was coming into the White House and had no experience. Almost a year later, he seems to be causing more problems and pushing our country back further in time.


Let us not forget the book that just came out. Donald Trump has been on the warpath with that book by making claims that it is full of lies. It even got to the point that he wanted the book to never see the light of day. I’m sorry, but what is he hiding that is in the book. The book Fire and Fury was actually put out earlier and it ended up selling quickly. I find it rather fishy that he didn’t want this book to come out.

In his rant about El Salvador, he said he wants more people from Norway to come here. First of all, I have no understanding why he picked Norway out of every country. Second of all, why in the hell would they want to come here and give up free universal health care.  He also promised that he would defund Planned Parenthood. This was big towards the end of 2017 and he hit many roadblocks. Thus it was stalled. He also said that he wanted to deport all the illegal immigrants. It is still in the works because there are a ton of them.

There have been several things that he said he was going to do and hasn’t. In addition, he has caused more problems and essentially made American politics a joke. I don’t understand why people still view him as a god because he is far from it.


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