New York Jets: What I Would Do If I Was The General Manager

After finishing the season 5-11, and having a better season than most expected The New York Jets to have, General Manager Mike Maccagnan has a lot to fix this off-season. With multiple players becoming free agents, hard decisions of whom to let walk and who to resign are happening, along with what to do at the quarterback position. Now while some of this may seem outlandish, let me explain what I would do this offseason if I was the General Manager Of The New York Jets.

First thing is, address the quarterback position, and find something other than a rookie and a band-aid. If it was me, I would call the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Furthermore, I would offer Mohammed Wilkerson along with our first round draft pick, for Jameis Winston. It’s a win, win for both sides. Tampa would receive a Top 5 defensive lineman, along with having two of the first seven draft picks. The Jets would finally receive the franchise quarterback they have waited for. Not only that, but Tampa would have to pay Winston BIG MONEY next year for his contract. Thus, the Jets would be able to do that since they are Top 5 in cap room this year.

Next up, with having so much cap room this year, I would definitely offer Le’Veon Bell a max contract. He goes along great with Winston, and the perfect teacher for Powell and McGuire. Bell would be able to receive the highest paid contract for a running back, EVER. If he was to sign with the Jets, and if everything else fell into place, he would have a great chance of winning as well!

For the last notation, I’ll just sum everything else up in this paragraph. I would go after corner help. Especially considering our corners were getting roasted almost every other play. I would look at Trumaine Johnson or someone within the draft. The Jets may also want to reestablish communication with Sheldon Richardson to reunite him with his former team. Next, I would resign Austin Sefferian-Jenkins along with giving a small contract to Jimmy Graham. Consequently, this will help relieve pressure from whatever quarterback the Jets end up with.

These three keys may seem like a large load to handle. However, if the Jets were able to execute all the things that I would do as GM, they have the best chance of getting to a Super Bowl. While there is a multitude of other things that could be done, what would you do if you were the New York Jets General Manager?

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