New York Giants Rumors: Team to Hire Minnesota Vikings OC Pat Shurmur next Head Coach

There are only three weeks left in the National Football Season. You have the championship games next week, then the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl LII in Minnesota. While Jon Gruden and Matt Nagy are the only official hire, there have been rumblings some coaches being on the move. Reports are going around that the Detroit Lions expect to announce Matt Patricia as their new head coach. There are also reports that the Indianapolis Colts are set to hire Josh McDaniels. It also seems like the New York Giants may have their man.


There have been rumblings that Jim Schwartz and Pat Shurmur are lead dogs in the clubhouse. Nonetheless, that clubhouse just got smaller. It looks like Minnesota Vikings OC, Pat Shurmur has won the race. The New York Giants will name him the next head coach. However, the team cannot make it official until the Vikings are out of the playoffs. There is one thing on the side of the Giants, free agency doesn’t start until the middle of March. Essentially they will have a bit over a month to have Shurmur get his staff together.

This is good news for fans of the New York Giants. You want to have some sort of leader put in. Once the Super Bowl is over, teams begin looking at the college guys. How can you look when you don’t have a head coach. My hope is that Shurmur can help turn this team around. The Giants aren’t the type of team to rebuild for many years like some others. Most Giants fans want to get rid of the taste of last year’s 3-13 record.

It will be interesting to see how Pat Shurmur does in his second attempt as a head coach. I hope this is the right choice.


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