Universal Studios: Stranger Things Is What The Fans Want For Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights will be here before you know it. As rumors fly about the list of houses, one IP that has gained a lot of attention is Stranger Things.

Teased at the end of Horror Nights 27, we could be getting something related to the Netflix show for HHN 28. Is it time the world take a real visit into the upside down?

The world of Stranger Things sets itself up well for a themed house. It might be a little more sci-fi than horror.That won’t stop anyone from visiting the house at HHN 28. In fact, if this house is put through, expect lines for it to be astronomical.

It’s likely a Stranger Things house would use scenes from both seasons. You’d see the Byers home, all decked out with the light wall or drawings. This would be the beginning part of the maze as it usually gives the eeriest feel of the entire show.

Traveling to the upside down would be an experience. It would be pretty surreal to walk through the lab and into the giant pathway Eleven created. In addition, walking through the tunnels underground that were put there by the little Demogorgon Will coughed up at the end of Season 1.

Should Universal Studios Add Stranger Things?

The scare actors would be Demogorgon’s, as they chase you from room to room. There’d also be minor cameos from Will, Lucas, Dustin, Mike, Eleven, and Hopper, just to lighten up the mood a bit. Ideally you’d find Hopper in the upside down or underground tunnels, as he’s been in both before.

Fans want a Stranger Things house. This (Along with IT) might be the most anticipated house at Halloween Horror Nights in history. Netflix has such a following with this show. And for those that haven’t seen it, perhaps walking through this maze will get you to binge the first two seasons.

Both Orlando and Los Angeles Universal Studios parks need a Stranger Things house. It would be the biggest money maker they would have probably in the history of the event. Fans will come from all over to witness this house firsthand, and get a feel for what the Upside Down might actually be like.

Universal always gives fans a good time at Halloween Horror Nights. Stranger Things is what the public wants. It’s up to the HHN creators to make this happen.

While there won’t be backlash if Stranger Things isn’t made into a house, the amount of guests might not be as great in 2018. (Although it will still be pretty packed as usual). So, make Stranger Things happen for HHN 28 in Universal Studios Orlando and also Universal Hollywood.


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