Is Trae Young The Greatest Freshman In College Basketball History?

Trae Young has made himself a lot of money this NCAA Basketball season. Going into the year, he wasn’t thought of as a first-round NBA pick. Now, many are saying Young is a guaranteed top-three. The question is, “Of all the great Freshman to play collegiate basketball, is Young the best?”

There’s so much to like about Young’s game. He’s the collegiate version of Russell Westbrook. A do it all guard who can score, pass, and rebound. Young is the sole reason Oklahoma is ranked in the top-25. He’s a virtual lock for Wooden and Naismith player of the year. It should be unanimous.

It’s too early to say he’s the greatest collegiate freshman to ever play the game. There’s still the rest of Big 12 play and the NCAA Tournament to get through. His averages of 30 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 9.9 assists are absolutely mind-blowing at this point of the season.

Is Trae Young The Next Russell Westbrook?

There’s no doubt Young will be drafted in the top-three of the NBA Draft. All he has to do is keep up this pace of play and he’ll probably be the top pick, and will edge out Carmelo and Durant as the best collegiate Freshman in basketball history. With Big 12 play just kicking into high gear, and the Tournament, he’ll need to keep this up for Oklahoma to have a shot.

To truly surpass Carmelo, Young needs to lead Oklahoma to a National title. Stats don’t tell the whole story. Young might have the best numbers by a Freshman ever, but winning the National title is what will make him immortal. That’s the key to his status as the greatest. Get the Shining Moment in April and he can lay claim to best ever.

Young has already tied the NCAA single-game assists record with 22. The 2017 McDonald’s All-American could probably sit out the rest of the season and would still be drafted in the top-three. Like Westbrook, he’s a walking triple-double. NBA teams must be salivating over the thought of Young on their roster.

In my eyes, Trae Young needs to win a National Title to be called the best freshman to ever play. Some think he already is. Whatever your thoughts are, if he keeps this up, Young will be one of the greatest. The scary thought is, his career is just getting started.


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