Pittsburgh Steelers: Three Things to watch against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Heading into the playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the best teams in the football. In fact, they finished the regular season as the AFC’s number two seed and a first-round bye. Now, in the divisional round, the Steelers get a chance to revenge an early season loss. They will face the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here are three things to watch in this playoff game.

  1. Forget Week 5

The Jaguars pummeled the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this season. In fact, they gave up 30 points, 231 yards rushing, and had 5 turnovers. This is not normal Steelers football. Hence, they need to put all of this behind them and play this game and only this game.

  1. Killer B’s

The Steelers have three of the best players in football. Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and Ben Roethlisberger lead this offense. They will need to be at their best against the best defense in the NFL. If they are off in the slightest, they could face the same fate they did in the regular season. However, the Jaguars believe they can stop this team. Therefore, the Pittsburgh Steelers will need to be successful early to kill the momentum.

  1. Defense

The defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be without one of their best in Ryan Shazier. Furthermore, will this be a major hindrance to their efforts on Sunday? I will say not. Thus, look for the Steelers game plan to be to try to take Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette out of the game. In brief, this will make Jags QB Blake Bortles have to try to win the game. Of course, we all know that this is something he has trouble doing.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be ready for this game. Nevertheless, week 5 should not be an issue. There is also nothing they want more than a possible rematch with the New England Patriots.

How do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will play? Leave a comment below.

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