March Madness: An Updated look at the Field of 68

Well, the year has turned from 2017 to 2018 and that means we are closer to March Madness. As we close the book on the football season the basketball season starts to heat up. Teams are now entering their Conference schedule and making their push for the conference tournaments. Certain teams are establishing themselves as the elite of college hoops and some others are just praying to get in.

Teams like Duke, Arizona, Villanova and Michigan State are all vying for #1 seeds and will look to continue to play top-notch basketball. So what I am starting will be similar to Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology where I will put the teams in where I think they should be seeded from 1-16. Taking into account for each team that is eligible for an automatic berth based on winning their conference.


Field of 68

  • 1 Seeds – Duke (RPI #1), Villanova (RPI #2), Michigan State (RPI #23) and West Virginia (RPI #11)
  • 2 Seeds – Purdue (RPI #12), Wichita State (RPI #17), Oklahoma (RPI #4), and Virginia (RPI #3)
  • 3 Seeds – Kentucky (RPI #5), North Carolina (RPI #7), Xavier (RPI #8), and Arizona State (RPI #27)
  • 4 Seeds – Clemson (RPI #6), Texas Tech (RPI #20), Kansas (RPI #13), and Cincinnati (RPI #40)
  • 5 Seeds – Seton Hall (RPI #9), Auburn (RPI #10), TCU (RPI #16), and Tennessee (RPI #14)
  • 6 Seeds – Arizona (RPI #23), Miami (RPI #17), Rhode Island (RPI #16), and Creighton (RPI #30)
  • 7 Seeds – Nevada (RPI #19), Louisville (RPI #21) Arkansas (RPI #22), and Ohio State (RPI #26)
  • 8 Seeds – Florida (RPI #32), Texas A&M (RPI #31), Florida State (RPI #48), and Michigan (RPI #44)
  • 9 Seeds – Notre Dame (RPI #36), Saint Mary’s (RPI #42), Butler (RPI #28), and Texas (RPI #49)
  • 10 Seeds –Michigan (RPI #44), Missouri (RPI #27), Marquette (RPI #34) and UCLA (RPI #37)
  • 11 Seeds – Syracuse (RPI #30), Georgia (RPI #39), Washington (RPI #38), Maryland (RPI #48), Houston (RPI #53) and USC (RPI #52)
  • 12 Seeds – Buffalo (Auto-Bid), Louisiana (Auto-Bid), Middle Tennessee (Auto-Bid), and New Mexico State (Auto-Bid) 
  • 13 Seeds – Vermont (Auto-Bid), William & Mary (Auto-Bid), East Tennessee State(Auto-Bid) and Murray State (Auto-Bid)
  • 14 Seeds – Florida Gulf Coast (Auto-Bid), Rider (Auto-Bid), Bucknell (Auto-Bid) and Wright State (Auto-Bid)
  • 15 Seeds – Drake (Auto-Bid), Penn (Auto-Bid), Montana (Auto-Bid), and Radford (Auto-Bid), Middle Tennessee (Auto-Bid), 
  • 16 Seeds – Wagner (Auto-Bid), Cal State Fullerton (Auto-Bid), Bethune-Cookman (Auto-Bid), Texas Southern (Auto-Bid), South Dakota State (Auto-Bid) and SE Louisiana (Auto-Bid) 

First 4 Out

Alabama (RPI #51), St. Bonaventure (RPI #46), Providence (RPI #43), and LSU (RPI #54)

Next 4 Out

UCF (RPI #56), Minnesota (RPI #73), Utah (RPI #58) and Mississippi State (RPI #55)

This is just my opinion on where the teams should be this week. I will have a new one each week. If a team moves up or down in the seeding I will indicate that in the chart next to the team. There is still a long way to go until the end of the season and March Madness. Thus, a lot of this can change.

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