Jacksonville Jaguars: Culture Change Breeds a Team of Destiny

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been so bad for so long. This year things have changed and they are now one of the last two teams standing in the AFC. There has been a culture change within this organization. Does this make them a team of destiny?

Back in January, the Jacksonville Jaguars hired former Head Coach to become their VP of Football Operations. He has since brought a culture change to the way the organization has been run. Much like the way he did during his first stint as head coach with the team. Also much like he did with the New York Giants.

This change brought a new mentality to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They gave their word to Blake Bortles. They even showed their support by picking up the fifth-year option on his contract. He has not disappointed in 2017. After a rocky start to the season, Bortles has come on to show that he can be a playoff caliber QB. Thus leading his team to the AFC Championship game.

While Bortles is growing up in 2017, it has not come without help. Sometimes a QB just needs some help to take the next step in his career. Hence, that help has come in the form of a running game. The drafting of RB Leonard Fournette by Coughlin has made this offense extremely difficult to defend.

The change is also noticeable on the defensive side of the ball. With free-agent additions like Barry Church, Calais Campbell, and AJ Bouye this defense is tops in the NFL. Along with drafted players like CB Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack make this defense a force to reckon with.

Without a doubt, destiny can come in many forms. It just so happens that a culture change brought destiny to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Do you think the Jacksonville Jaguars are a team of destiny? Leave a comment below.

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